Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last Days of 99¢

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I thought it best to announce that both the Consummate Therapy anthology and the Master of Desire anthology, both currently priced at 99¢, will be jumping up to $2.99 in a day or two. If you've been thinking about grabbing these books, now is the best time.

Just a reminder about them...

* * * * *

Firstly, our Consummate Therapy series (the boxed set) has been dropped to only 99¢ for a two-week period! It was a series that we enjoyed writing perhaps more than we should have! It's naughty, it's hot and speaking personally, it made me tingle for reasons that almost scared me. It was quite a cathartic experience to see things from the points of view of both main characters. (Not to mention how damn much fun it was to write Natasha's bitchy one-liners! I still don't know which of us enjoyed writing those parts more!)

The Consummate Therapy series flips Fifty Shades on its head, with a despotic female billionaire learning the value – and art – of true submission at the hands of a hot but steely Dom. Follow Natasha’s journey as she walks a fine line between what she thinks she wants...and what her Master knows she truly needs.
With rave reviews, and a 4.6 Star average (across the series), people from all over are falling in love with Natasha and her Master.

* * * * *

So that's the Consummate Therapy news. But flowing on from that, there's a reason we dropped the price on our bundle. And it's because of this next bundle! "Master of Desire" is a BDSM Romance bundle released only a few days ago. And already it's making more waves than a sharply-slapped bottom filmed in slow-motion! (That link is NSFW, by the way!) This bundle has nine super-sexy tales of BDSM Romance - some sweet and mild, and others darker and more challenging. All the authors involved are proud to be included and we're loving the opportunity to reach across to readers who may not have heard of us. Incidentally, check below the blurb info for a Rafflecopter link. You could win an Amazon gift card, which only means MORE BOOKS FOR YOU!

His every touch an imprint, His every word a potent command. To become His—both body and soul—is not to be owned. It is to be truly accepted. To belong. Only a precious few know the ecstasy of giving themselves over to the ultimate Dom. 

Ten bestselling domination and submission romance authors. Nine sensual novelettes of seduction and submission in one collection. The Master of Desire awaits. 

Stories by Candy Quinn, Olivia Rigal, Penelope L'Amoreaux, Michelle Fox, Jordan Bell, Hildred Billings, Salidas & Rowe, Jessi Bond and Elsa Day

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