Thursday, February 28, 2013

Special Guest - Eden Summers

Today, I’d like to welcome Eden Summers here to Coffee-Fueled Erotica. Eden is a fellow Aussie who has a naughty imagination and a delightfully quick wit!

WILLSIN: Firstly, Eden, please pull up a cushion, sit beside me, rub my leg and tell us all a little about yourself (sorry folks, the leg rub is just for’ll all have to rub yourselves).
EDEN: Hey Willsin. Thank you for having me…and letting me rub your leg. It’s an honor.
I’m an Aussie author who lives in regional NSW. I have two young boys who love to drive me crazy and a husband who I worship. Yes, he is a lucky man.

W: He certainly is. And I’m glad to hear about your boys. I was worried it was only my boys who did that. Now, your first solo book, “Sneaking A Peek” has garnered plenty of positive attention and reviews since its release. How daunting was it for you in the lead-up to publication, wondering what kind of reception you’d receive?
E: I actually didn’t intend for my first release to be erotic romance. When I submitted it to my publisher they informed me that contemp shorts weren’t selling well, so I needed to heat it up if I wanted a contract. So I did.
I was definitely worried about the narrow minds of the people in my community, but in the end I always had the support of my family and friends, and that is all that mattered.

W: Now you obviously have a “thing” for firefighters, and I can’t say I blame you. Where does that come from?
E: My husband is a fireman and knows how to use a big hose. *wink* Firemen are typically fantasy material because of their heroics and physical fitness. Throw in the hot and sweaty muscles, the selflessness, the strength and a pinch of bad boy adrenaline junkie and they make the ultimate spank bank material.

W: Well now I’m in love with them! Are there any other professions that get your sirens blaring? Military? Police? Pedicurists?
E: Military – definitely. Sportsmen. I love the slim athletic build of AFL players. But I really have a thing for Sheikhs. Don’t ask me why. I think it started when I was a lot younger, reading Harlequin novels with the sexy desert Princes. I can’t get enough. I’m also a sucker for dark features. 

W: Poor pedicurists. What do they have to do to get some lovin’? Anyway...what makes you pick up any particular book? And what keeps you reading it once you’ve started?
E: I’m a cover girl. If it doesn’t have a pretty/sexy cover, I won’t pick it up. What keeps me reading is usually the emotional connection between the characters. I only read romance, so I want to be thrown into the flirty banter and attraction straight away.

W: Oh, I’m with you on all of that. Now, we call Star Trek fans “Trekkies”. We call Twilight fans “Twi-hards”. What name should we give to Eden Summers fans?
E: Christ! I need more coffee to get my brain into gear. Umm, Summers-Squad? Ok, well the name sucks but the people in it won’t…unless they want to ;) 

W: Aw...I thought my suggestion of “Edies” was awesome! Well, maybe not so much awesome as awful...but whaddya gonna, on to the rapid fire section! One point for a correct answer, one point off for a wrong answer! Or not. Wine or vodka?
E: OHHH!! Don’t do this to me. I love Vodka and coke and also have a thing for Moscato wine. I don’t drink anything else.

W: He-Man or Thor?
E: Thor! Thor! Thor! Chris Hemsworth makes me swoon.

W: Black or purple?
E: Purple. 

W: MMF or MFM?
E: Another hard one *wink* but I’m greedy so I would go MFM.

W: FMF or FFM?
E: Hmm, I’ve never really pondered this. I’m not really into girl on girl action. I’m an all man sorta gal. So I’d probably have to go with FMF.

W: Whip or paddle?
E: I would go option c). Feather boa. I’ve had two children. I don’t need any more pain.

W: Now or later?
E: Now. Always now.

W: Spoken like a true erotic romance author! So, a little bird in a corset tells me you have a new book out. Would you please switch to my other leg and tell us all about it?
E: Concealed Desire is a contemporary office romance set in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a little bit saucy with a whole heap of humor. Here is the blurb: 

A love that breaks all the rules…

Since her first day at work, Beth Graison has been in love with Dean Sutherland—the “Son” in Sutherland & Son. Although he’s an unrepentant player, there’s an unmistakable connection between them, and she knows he feels it too. But she’s not about to risk her career for any man, especially one with an office right down the hall whom she works with every day.

Dean Sutherland doesn’t do love, but he does do women. And he hasn’t felt more than sexual attraction for any woman until Beth. Entirely feminine, smart, and with a natural beauty beyond compare, she makes him think about all kinds of uncomfortable things—like a future and happiness—things he knows from experience are pure fiction.

When his father, the “Sutherland” in Sutherland & Son, propositions Beth to be more than just an employee, Dean can’t keep her at arm’s length any longer. But he doesn’t expect the scorching kiss they share, or the idea that forms when he holds her in his arms. Can he stop his father’s manipulating game by making the first move on Beth? Or will his reputation as a womanizer make him just one more Sutherland she wants to ignore?

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