Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coupling Two - Excerpt

Coupling Two released not all that long ago. November 16th, I believe it was. As I've said before, I feel completely awe-struck to be in an anthology with three of the best smut-slingers going around: Selena Kitt, Alison Tyler and the editor herself, Sommer Marsden. It probably sounds like hyperbole, but these three women are my biggest influences in erotica. And they've all made big contributions to the furthering of Willsin Rowe as an different times and in different ways, they've all let me play in their sand-box. So to speak...

So anyway, I thought the time was right to spread a little of the lurve that's contained within the pages of Coupling Two! Two of my stories within this anthology featured married couples. This excerpt is not from those stories.

"Her Majesty" tells the tale of two young women, Kim and Serena, who've been best friends since school. A little weekend escape at a remote beach-side town brings a whole new level to their relationship.

Her Majesty (excerpt)

I leaned in against her and soaked up her warmth. The waves caressed the sand and we watched as if hypnotized. 
“Swim, Kim?” 
I couldn’t help laughing. I turned to go inside, but she pulled on my arm. 
“Come on.” 
“I’m getting my swimsuit.” 
She smiled my brains out. “It’s just you and me. Nothing we haven’t seen before.” 
“Prude.” She pulled her loose sundress over her head and tossed it, walking down to meet the water. 
I felt exposed enough in my tank top and cutoffs, so I simply tagged along, as usual. 
We dipped our feet into the tongues of water. It was cold, despite the heat of the afternoon. 
Serena shucked off her bra and dumped it on the sand. She squealed as she quick-stepped out into the water and then dived into a breaking wave. 
I inched out after her, cursing my cold blood. Serena rose like a Roman goddess, the sun winking from her golden skin. 
“Come on, Kimmie! Just dive in.” 
I shook my head. “You know me. All Anglo, all the time.” 
I bit my lip instead of responding. As she stood, I realised that pussy was all I could focus on. White panties, black hair, sea water...a very heady mix. 
I walked out until the water reached my knees. Waves swept past me and slipped up my thighs like nightclubbers’ hands until I bit the bullet and sat. I shivered and squealed as the cold water bit into my skin. Change has always been hard for me. Even when it’s just the change from dry to wet. 


Marianne Theresa said...

That's a tasty little morsel of an excerpt Willsin. :))

Willsin Rowe said...

Thank you, ma'am! I'm glad you liked it.