Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heavy Ideas for a Young Mind...

It's school holidays here in Australia, like it may well be all across the world. Ours are only for two weeks, and are more than half over, so that's cool! Since I now work from home, it's kinda weird to have a child-care centre on my desk!

But as it still IS holidays, I took my sons down to the park today to kick a football and throw a weird three-legged boomerang doohickey. As we were leaving our front yard, a couple of teenage girls were walking past the house.

As soon as we were out of earshot, my 7-year-old son turned to me and asked "Dad, did you think those girls were pretty?"

Now, I'm 41. I only caught the slightest glimpse of those two girls. ON PURPOSE. The moment my brain took in the visual cues that they were high school girls on holidays (basically it was their clothing), I made sure not to look, in case people thought I was...looking.

But I was suddenly confronted with a dilemma. How do I tell my 7-year-old son exactly what was wrong with that picture? So I settled for telling him I didn't really see them.

"I thought they were pretty, Dad."

"Well, I wasn't looking, mate."


Dang it. The question that catches every generation of parents.

"Well, son, if I was to look at them too hard, they wouldn't like it."


Oh, poo. Dang this boy and his curiosity.

"Well, because then they, and really anyone else, might think that I wanted to...uh...kiss them."

It went on a little more, but was remarkable mainly for my ability to trip myself up. I tried to explain that, you know, men like to kiss ladies. And mostly they go out on dates (had to remind him what a date was), and perhaps they kiss afterwards, and...and...uh...look mate, we're nearly at the park.

And so I ended with the fail-safe parents' delaying tactic: "You'll understand in a few years, mate."


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