Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is just a short blog, inspired by something I saw on Facebook.

I have a Facebook friend. It's someone I used to work with, but that person left the organisation, in part, because of health issues. Within the past week, they finally received what they'd been after: a kidney transplant. This person is just out of hospital and now at home, and everything is apparently doing well.

And one of the comments that was dropped on their status update:"I will come and visit you tomorrow night or sat. Got to get my hair done after work tomorrow cause it's tragic."

Your friend has stared a slow death in the face for several years, has finally had the chance for a reprieve (of sorts), is facing a lifetime of transplant-related circumstances...and your HAIR is tragic?

A little perspective, please...

Okay. We return you to your normal programming.

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Erica Sloane - Author said...

Wow. That's insane.