Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you write Erotica? Check out Naughty Nights Press

Naughty Nights Press


Would you like to be part of the Next Generation of Undeniably Passionate, Sexually Explicit and Downright Daring Erotic Romance Authors on Naughty Nights Press?

Where our writers are encouraged to use their insatiable drive for creativity to push the boundaries to the edge of that intense craving for spicy erotic romance so tempting our readers simply can’t resist…

If you are a writer of Contemporary Erotic Romance looking for a great house to e-publish your next book then look no further! Naughty nights Press is the newest publisher for steamy erotic romance.

We specialize in Erotic and Erotic Paranormal Romance however we publish a range of different sub-genres in erotic romance from Fantasy to Science fiction to the wildest of Kink; we do so much more then you may expect.

Try a brand new e-publisher on for size and realize the benefit of having it all arranged for you. We have in-house editors who will work with you to make your books the best they can be, graphics artists who will design a cover that almost tells the tale of the pages within and the best part…we are a royalty-paying publisher who welcomes both aspiring and established authors.

We may be small but we can do big things!

Do yourself a favour and submit your books to Naughty Nights Press rather than letting your books sit on a shelf.

We offer downloads to our clients in multiple formats right on

the website so you do not have to worry about extra fees or hosts that go out of business. We take care of our authors and help them to share their work with the world! Why wait, submit today at

We are currently accepting e-book novellas between 8000 and 13000 words. If you would prefer to write something bigger than please look at what we accept on our submissions pages or contact our office.

Please have your submissions in to no later than July 31st, 2011.

For submission and formatting requirements, please go to the Naughty Nights Press “How To Submit to NNP”

Naughty Nights Press reserves the right to modify due dates for submissions at our discretion.

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Madeline Elayne said...
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Anonymous said...

Madeline, Please be VERY informed before making that kind of statement as you are WRONG. If you had checked the site completely, and READ as any good author should, you would see they say that the contracts that are up are general ones only and do NOT reflect all contracts as it says right there on the page AND in the contract itself. It ALSO says that the pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Did you happen to notice that there are 2 different contracts or did you just ASSUME that they were the same? The ONE contract I saw that has anything at all to say about first rights to future works also states that there is no demand but a REQUEST to future rights and it is not for 8k and up but BOOKS, 18k and up. Hunny, get your facts straight before posting something so damaging to someone else will you! Hell I hate people who do not READ before making ASSumptions!

Vampirique Dezire said...

Hi there,
First off, as the Director of Marketing and Research for Naughty Nights Press I would like to say thank you, to Coffee Fueled Erotica for being so kind and gracious in posting the Naughty Nights Press.
Now in regards to the comment from Madeline about the contracts and what is and is not t in them. I would like to point out that not one of the authors who have been accepted to publish with Naughty Nights Press (herein referred to as NNP) have received their contract as NNP is still fine tuning it.
The information you refer to as being on the website is incorrect.
It would have been nicer to have contacted Gina Kincade the owner of NNP directly and put your concerns to her than to write information on a public area that is incorrect and defames.

Madeline Elayne said...

Oh, my. It seems that I've opened a can of worms here, and that certainly wasn't my intent (nor was an attack or defamation, but that's exactly what my comment's done.)

I hope I can shove most of the wriggly critters back in, but it's going to take some length, for which I apologize. The erotica scene needs all the new blood/publishers that it can get and I really do hope that NNP is a huge success, more people putting out more smut is good for all writers.

@Anonymous - isn't it nice and easy to be vicious, rude, and condescending when you choose not to let anyone know who you are, hunny?

Obviously I was too brief and too vague in my earlier comment.

The passage I was referring to is listed, on the webpage (, under the heading "Our Author Agreements," and is listed as the agreement for "Novels, Novellas, and Novelettes." True, novels are far longer than 8000 words, and I believe their definition of novelette does start at 18000, but their own calls for submissions for novellas begin at, as I said, eight thousand words. An example call is here:

The exact phrasing:
(pardon the length, I don't want to do further damage by paraphrasing)

4.1 The Publisher shall have the first opportunity to consider for publication the Author's future
works suitable for publication by the Publisher (including any work that the Author is
commissioned to produce by any third party during the term of this Agreement) and
the Author shall offer to the Publisher the same rights as those covered by this
Agreement. Such work shall be the subject of a fresh agreement between the Author
and the Publisher. Excluding any Author under previous contract with another
Publisher for all future works when said contract is provided as proof of first rights to
If the Publisher and Author are unable to agree terms for any publication the Author shall be at
liberty to enter into agreement with another publisher PROVIDED THAT the Author
shall not subsequently accept from anyone else terms less favorable than are offered
by the Publisher. The Publisher shall exercise this option within 6 weeks of receipt of
a copy of the relevant work or a detailed outline, except that the Publisher shall not in
any event be required to exercise its option until 2 months after the publication of the
Work, which is the subject of this Agreement.


The above is what I sloppily summarized as "First Rights of Refusal." It struck me as unusual for that to be included in agreement for something as short as an 8000-word novella, thus my quick comment above.

Nearsighted as I am, I wrongly ASSumed (thank you, Anonymous) that anyone else reading my comment would take it as I would have personally. Not as a warning not to publish with them, but as a point of interest, something to discuss with a publisher should I choose to submit to them and be lucky enough to have that work accepted. Clearly that wasn't the case, and for that I am sorry.

@Vampirique. You make an excellent point, and I very much appreciate the respectful tone with which you made it. While NNP and I may never be "friends," I hope that you might accept my apology and the following extensively re-written comment in the spirit in which it was written.

(I think you can probably agree that while it certainly might have been the better option, a quiet email asking for clarification is in the "cat is waaaay out of the bag" zone right now.)

Madeline Elayne said...

My original comment regarding this announcement is right here:

“Woah. So I *did* just check them out, and be forewarned that their contract includes first rights of first refusal -- at the same terms as the first contract -- for ALL works novella (8-13K) length and up. I guess that means make sure you really really like them before sending something bigger than 8K!”

It was written in haste and, like many things are when not carefully-enough written or thought out, is flat-out wrong. To the staff of Naughty Night Press (NNP), I apologize for having misrepresented the information available on your website. Hopefully it hasn't cost you any business.

I'd like to retract it and instead post what I should have written in the first place. I only leave the original above so that the comment thread so far makes a bit more sense.

I'd never heard of Naughty Nights Press before this post, so I was excited to check it out! They seem to have everything all up and running, and even several current calls for submissions out, as well. Also, they have a gorgeous piece of art on their front page that makes the WoW nerd in me go “yum.” Just sayin'.

One of the nice things about their website is that they have a section called “Our Author Agreements,” which gives you a fair idea of the rights that they're looking for before you even submit. As an author, this is a nice perk, since it's never a nice surprise when you submit somewhere only to find out once they send you a copy of the contract to sign that they want ALL RIGHTS to your work FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER! (don't worry, that's not in NNPs example agreements anywhere that I can find!) A disclaimer at the top of this page lets you know that these are sample agreements, but that individual contracts are negotiable between the publisher and the writer, another big plus, if you ask me.

This page has two separate example contracts, one for short stories that start at 2500 words, and the other is listed as the agreement for novels, novelettes, and novellas. According to their calls for submissions, the length that they consider for novellas is 8000-13000 words.

In this second example agreement, there is a clause that requires a writer to allow NNP the opportunity to negotiate for the rights to publish any future works that you write. It goes on to say that if an agreement can't be reached with NNP, then the author is free to shop their work elsewhere, provided they don't accept a lower-paying contract from someone else. This is a very common clause in novel contracts and in fact is much more permissive than some but what made me go “huh” about it is that they list it as a sample agreement for short works of 8000-13000 words as well, which is less common. I know I'm not the only one who puts out a large number of works this length, and I don't know about you, but I know mine go everywhere, and often quite close to call for subs deadlines, too.

It's worth noting, for sure, and definitely worth looking for if a contract for a 8000-word novella gets passed your way. But hey, if it does (and hypothetical congratulations on that!), then you can choose to decide then whether you like them enough to give them a pass at all your future 8K works, or if you want to see how flexible their negotiations are.