Thursday, October 7, 2010

Karma & Melodies

I've been toying with a story idea that's been on the back burner for well over a year now. Not sure when it will be finished but here is the opening scene. Hope you enjoy.

Marcus’s numinous tone enthralled the crowd, while the band behind him created a mysterious, primal beat with their instruments. The audience, a sea of bodies, lifted their hands in praise. Swaying with the melody, they danced and bobbed their heads.

The effect was no different to Kendra, though the music wasn’t the only thing enticing her. A cool evening breeze blew through the festival grounds, mixing the air, creating a tantalizing stew of fragrances. Kendra sucked in a deep breath, opening her mouth wide, partially exposing her fangs. This was a bad idea and she knew it. Being surrounded by so many mortals—in such a public place—went against everything her master had taught her. Vampires were not meant to mix with humans unless feeding.

She tried to push away the tempting thoughts of blood; she only came here to enjoy the music and maybe steal a glimpse of her past. Absently licking her fangs, Kendra made her way through the sea of tightly packed bodies, all writhing to the beat of the song; swaying and rocking as if under the music’s spell.

She had to get closer to the stage. She wanted to be close enough to feel Marcus’ heartbeat. She’d loved him and his music since they were nothing but a local coffee shop act.

That seemed like forever ago. A simpler time, before she’d been stolen from the mortal world.

Spotlights shone brightly in the blue-gray haze of twilight, casting the stage in an ethereal glow. Kendra stared enchanted as Marcus threw his head back, hitting a long, high-pitched note that sent the audience into a frenzy.

Needing to be closer, she pushing her way through the crowd, edging closer to the stage. Screams, cheers, and applause thundered all around her as Marcus’ song ended.
She paused for a moment when the lights darkened and smoke began to crawl from the edge of the stage. Slowly it moved, twisting and curling as it crept towards the ground like some ghostly apparition.

A deafening silence enveloped the crowd. Anticipation ran thick in the air.

In perfect sync with the strum of an electric guitar, the lights flashed back on, bathing Marcus in light.

Kendra sighed, enjoying the sound of his otherworldly voice. He spanned the range of sexy, bass filled notes to high pitched trilling and back again.

She was lost in a state of awe. She’d been a fan since the beginning, before being turned, but her master wouldn’t let her out of his sight. She hadn’t been able to lay eyes on him in ten years. Age had been good to him, gone was the emaciated, starving artist. He now stood proudly on stage a miraculous transformed god of a man.

She longed for a second chance to know Marcus, to see him, to hear the clarity in his voice, and feel the emotion of his lyrics. His music was like magic; it told stories of forgotten love and spoke directly to her soul.

Kendra continued her push through the crowd, hoping for just one moment to be near him. Inching closer and closer, her heart fluttered with anticipation as she reached the barricade that separated the fans from the stage.

The next song started with a tribal beat. Kendra was close enough now to feel the thumping of bass and the bang of the drums reverberating in her chest like a speeding heartbeat. She found herself moving like a puppet pulled by invisible strings. The rhythm of the song commanded her body and she was willing to submit.

Marcus’s piercing voice rang out loud and clear though the large speakers. He sang of love lost but there was still as spark of unending hope.

Pangs of grief pulled at Kendra’s lonely heart. She wished she could reach out and touch him. She was so close she could smell his scent wafting towards her; earthy and musky with a hint of spice. In that moment he seemed like a Greek god, standing bare chested before her. Rippling muscles covered his well-formed body. Each small contour glistened with a fine sheen of sweat, emphasizing his masculine physique.
Immortal or not, at that moment, Kendra was no different than any other fan in the crowd. Flames of desire ignited within her. She wanted to reach out and touch him. To feel his hard body pressed against her own. She eyed him like a predator as he danced around on the stage, praying for just one moment to be close to him.

As if she had willed it to happen, Marcus hopped off of the stage, microphone in hand, and meandered towards the barricade. Taken by the moment, she squealed in excitement with the rest of the fans.

Marcus reached into the mass, shaking hands and kissing cheeks as he continued to woo the throng with his voice.

Kendra gasped when he reached out in front of her. Marcus took her hand and gave a small squeeze before moving on to the next screaming fan-girl. Her heart skipped a beat and she flushed with gooseflesh. His touch was like fire to her icy skin sending a rush of excitement through her body.

Marcus jumped back on the stage and wiped the sweat from his face with a dark shirt. He tossed the shirt into the audience. People swarmed in masses piling on top of each other to reach for a scrap of cloth. Kendra however, didn’t move, she stood motionless, transfixed, unable to peel her eyes from his fit, muscular form as he took his final bow and waved goodnight to the crowd.

Her hand tingled with the after warmth of his touch. Bringing it to her face she smelled the leftover remnants of his masculine scent sticking to her immortal skin. Oh God he smelled good. He was intoxicating, calling to her baser instincts. Need and desire mingled with fantasies playing like a movie in her mind.

For a moment, she allowed herself to dream of the feel of his hands caressing her skin. She imagined his hard body pressed against hers and the sweet taste of his lips. She wondered what it would be like to take his neck and drink in his essence as she made love to him. She imagined sharing her blood; bonding him, turning him, making him hers forever. Secretly, Kendra prayed for the opportunity.

She knew it was a bad idea. Angry at herself for even thinking it, she tried to dismiss the thought from her mind. Kendra had never wanted to be this thing, this monster. How could she entertain the thought of cursing another living creature with this punishment? Even if it was for her own secret pleasure.

She hated life as a vampire; the never ending night, the blood lust, and the cruel master who had taken away everything she had known.

She shook her head. No. No one deserves this curse. Goodbye again, Marcus.


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