Friday, October 15, 2010

A day in the life of...

Or, what happens when you're a part-time writer...

6.30: Alarm-clock rings. Rise and shine. Clean downstairs (we have a new puppy and she's not potty-trained yet!). Quick breakfast while checking emails/Twitter. Wake up kiddo and husband. Wash, dress, remember to spritz perfume. No time for make-up or moisturiser. Will try better tomorrow. Wake up kiddo and husband, Part 2. Dress kiddo, wait for husband to wash and dress. With some luck, manage to brush kiddo's hair and braid it. Do not have to brush hubby's hair, thank God for that.
7.00: Pack bags, try not to forget anything, pat pets goodbye, open the backdoor/turn off heating.
7.15: In the car. Hubby drops me off at station. Kiss/wave goodbye to kiddo. He drops her off at her grandparents' where they will feed her and wash her before taking her to school for the day.
7.26: Train arrives. Hubby arrives barely in time, puffing and out of breath, but he's made it! Commute is long and boring, but at least I'm able to read (hence my Amazon addiction).
8.30: Get to work. Read emails. Check websites.
9.00: Start to do some actual work.
11.00: Coffee break.
12.25: Sneakily open Word document and reread what I wrote the day before. Edits. If lucky, type a few pages while answering phone calls.
1.00: Lunch break.
2.00: Start work again. Exciting stuff I won't get into (and can't!).
4.00: Coffee break.
4.15: If lucky, open Word document again and write as many pages possible in an hour, trying to avoid interruptions.
5.15: Get ready to go home. Email myself latest version of manuscript.
5.25: Leave work.
5.40: Start commute with 1st train.
5.53: Wait for 2nd train with book in hand and iPod on loud.
6.40: Arrive at grandparents' house. Cuddle with kiddo, wait for hubby.
7.15: Everyone in the car, 5mn later arrive at house and check for puppy-related mess. Hug dogs, feed cat, open fridge to check what to cook for dinner.
7.30: Cook dinner while kiddo is watching TV.
8.00: Eat dinner all together. Everyone talks about what they did that day.
8.30: Story time for kiddo. PJs on, hugs and I love yous.
8.45: Turn home computer on. Check emails. Open Word document and reread what I wrote that afternoon. Edits. If not too tired, write as much as possible.
10.00: Shut computer off. Bedtime for Em.

Repeat from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday: write whenever hubby is nice enough to play with kiddo or take her out somewhere. It's Mummy time then, or as I say, "Mummy's going to work." Upstairs. On her own. Thank you very much.

It's a wonder I ever get a book done, isn't it? :)


Rozlyn Sparks said...

Kudos to you for getting so much done! =)

Fulani said...

Hmm... sounds like the kind of life I had a few years back, though being male and with kids of university age, there were certain differences. Now I"m completely freelance, it's become much less structured with many more all-nighters and more organised around deadlines!

I agree it's amazing to produce a book under those circumstances. Congratulations!