Friday, September 17, 2010

Someone Like You

Someone Like You (aka Nick's story or the 3rd book in the Ex-Footballers Series) will be released later on today; and because I'm very excited, I thought I'd give you an excluse preview. Here's the prologue... I really hope you enjoy it!




She blinked down at him, her pen poised over her notepad. “No, actually it’s Leah.” She tapped a finger over the nametag carelessly pinned over her chest, and asked for the second time, “What can I get you?”

Nick ‘Apollo’ Hamilton groaned when he realized his mistake. “Sorry, I thought you were somebody else. Uh, coffee, black, no sugar.”

“Sure. Anything else?”

He shook his head and watched her leave, noting the way her ass curved underneath her uniform. For one second there, he’d really thought it was Mia come to visit him. No, even better, to tell him she’d left Kevin, that she loved him and no one else. That she wanted to... “Shit.” He nearly slapped himself in an effort to clear his head. He had to stop thinking about her, damn it! She was happy with her husband and they were just friends. And even if they’d had sex together, even if he’d made her come, had felt her contract around his pounding length, nothing else would ever happen.

His cock rose in his shorts at the memories assailing his mind. He contemplated returning home and jerking off while once more reliving that amazing night spent with his best friend and his wife. But fuck, he was tired of his own hand! Except he’d tried screwing some nameless girls, and he hadn’t managed to get it up. It was unbelievable that him, Apollo Hamilton, former playboy, was stuck in this situation.

His gaze focused once again on the waitress: she was leaning over the counter, obviously riffling around trying to find something. Her breasts were pushed together, all the men’s eyes focused on the way they jiggled with each of her movements. And yet, he looked at her face, she appeared oblivious. She finally found what she was looking for–a napkin–and walked back towards him.

He couldn’t help it, he looked her up and down. Her features were eerily similar to Mia’s, too similar. Oh, he could see her hair wasn’t the same color, her eyes were gray instead of green but her body shape was the same. She was curvy everywhere, her hips begging to be palmed. Hell. His eyes widened when he felt his dick twitch. She was turning him on?

“Here you go,” Leah said as she deposited a cup full of steamy coffee in front of him. “Let me know if you’d like a refill.”

He nodded, unable to speak. He watched her ass jiggle away and took a deep breath. Something was wrong with him. There was just no other explanation.

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