Friday, September 24, 2010

Fan mail

I received a couple emails from self-proclaimed fans this past month, weirdly enough both enquiring about the Behind Locked Doors Series. I say weirdly enough because I thought those were my least-liked books. Apparently, what do I know?!

I loved receiving those emails, and it's made me think of the times I emailed my favorite authors and went crazy when they responded. To me. Personally. It felt as if, for a single moment, we'd connected. That was a rush, believe you me.

I've been known to do this with authors whose books I really admired. From Jenna Black for The Devil Inside (I had to tell her I needed more Adam in my life) to my favorite author, Kristan Higgins (nearly for every book, just because she rocks my world).

I also contacted another erotica author just to tell her thank you for writing Rubenesque books. I don't see her as a competitor, I see her as someone who's writing the books I want to read. And we need more of these books, damn it!

All this to say, if you loved a book, be it an ebook from a less-known author or a NY Times Bestseller, take the time to write them a short email. These days, you can usually find their email addresses on their personal website or blog. Or try Twitter. Or Facebook. It'll make them very happy, and you too when you receive an email from them.

Spread the love around, I say...


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Rozlyn Sparks said...

We need to do a "Tell an author you love them" day.