Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween Fantasies - Sneak Peek

Since we have been doing lots of sexy excerpts here lately, I thought I'd share one from my upcoming novella, Halloween Fantasies.

What if some of the costumed characters at a Halloween ball, weren't in costume?

Dante leaned into his brother’s ear. “You see, it’s a perfect package deal. Two beautiful females, just as I had described.”

A ginger haired woman, in a witch costume, waved at them from across the room.

Trevor inclined his head, a smile played across his face. “And which one is mine?”

“You’re into costumes and games, why not take the little witch for a ride on your broom,” Dante snickered. “She seems like she could be fun.”

“And that leaves the dominatrix for you?”

“Vampire huntress,” Dante corrected.

Trevor’s eyes lit up with amusement. “Oh that is perfect.” He burst into laughter. “Mr. No Games, wants to play with the vampire hunter.”

“I thought you would be amused by that.”

“Did she bring a stake?” Trevor clutched his stomach as he roared, unable to hold back the fit of laughter. “Or perhaps some holy water?” Tears welled in the corners of his eyes. He swiped them away with a quick brush of his hand.

“Go on then, get it all out of your system.” Dante didn’t bother hiding the aggravation in his voice. He didn’t care for his brother’s taunting, but he would endure it if it meant getting his way. He needed to separate Sasha from her friend if he wanted to have her for the evening.

Trevor finally stopped laughing and straightened his face. “You know I prefer to pick my own prey but seeing as how you might be getting into the spirit of the evening, I’ll go along with this… on one condition.”

Dante arched an eyebrow at his brother. “What condition?”

“I want you to play a little game with me. Let’s make this a challenge. No mind control. Tonight we work on charm and skill alone.”

Dante groaned. “You are taking this Prince Charming thing too seriously.”

Trevor smiled, flashing his brilliant white teeth. “I’m playing my part. It’s Halloween, a time to be someone or something different.”

“But I do not want to be Prince Charming, I like being a vampire.”

“That’s my point. You aren’t getting into the spirit of the evening. I want you to try and be something different tonight. Don’t just be a vampire. Be charming and have fun wooing a woman the old fashion way.” He folded his arms in front of his chest. “Unless you aren’t up to the challenge.”

His brother’s taunting set his teeth on edge. “You think I’m not capable of taking a woman’s vein and getting her in bed without mind control?” he asked with a snarl.
“I think you’re out of touch, yes.” Trevor matched Dante’s stern look. “Do you accept my challenge?”

Dante turned to look back at the two women sitting at the bar. “I have no doubt I could have her within the hour… on skill alone.” He focused on Sasha, inhaling a deep breath as his eyes traveled the length of her body. He puffed his chest arrogantly. “She will be eating out of the palm of my hand, begging me to take her.”

“Well then Casanova, shall we go meet our ladies?” Trevor held his hand out pointing the women.

Dante nodded and the two brothers slowly made their way through the crowd toward the bar. Dante’s eyes never left Sasha’s form, drinking in her tanned skin and lean body. He admired the way the leather pants clung to her long legs and the sensuous curve of her backside as she sat, perched on the bar stool. He imagined himself bending her over the side of a bed kneading the soft flesh of her ass as he drove into her. His cock jumped to attention at the thought, filling his pants, pulling the jean material taut over his waist.

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