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Excerpt - Immortal Pleasures

Oopse, I seem to have missed a post last week. My apologies. In hopes of offering some reparations, here is a steamy excerpt of my recently released House Of Immortal Pleasures.

Daphne hummed under her breath. Her body reacted with urgent demands at the touch of his soft lips. Her pulse quickened and flames of need danced through her veins, igniting her blood.
She should stop him. She needed to stop him, but Daphne enjoyed the soft caressing kisses at her neck too much to protest. She just couldn’t bring herself to say the word. . . stop.
Connor had melted her scarred heart with his sweet words. They reverberated in her head, ‘I want to pretend I am good, and deserving enough, to be here with you.’
Those words worked like black magic, soothing her pain, stirring up wanton feelings she had fought to ignore. He was like Prince Charming in a fairy tale, sweeping her off her feet with promises of a happily ever after.
Ken had never been so kind. He’d never called her a good woman.
Could Connor really mean these things? No one has ever spoken like this to me before. Damn he’s good.
Fire raced through her blood; each kiss from Connor further fanned the flames of desire. The thick rod of his erection pressed into her back as she rested against him. Warmth pulsed between her legs. Moisture slowly soaked through her panties. Daphne’s body cried out for more, making sexual demands in her mind, treacherously overpowering her rational senses. He was seducing her, his touch, his words, and those soft lips.
Oh God! Could it really be as sweet as he had said? Could I really allow another man to be intimate with me again? Is this real or just pure fantasy?
Daphne didn’t know if she cared anymore. There were no answers, only the screaming need of her body. Not even B.O.B., and a full pack of double A’s, could satiate the demands her body was making now. Only the soft caress of lips, skin-to-skin contact, and body heat would satisfy. What she had feared most was beginning to happen. She was giving in.


Connor continued to peck gentle kisses on her neck. He enjoyed the jump of her heart and the soft cooing sounds she made in response. He dared to push the limits further by nibbling at her pulse, tempting himself in the process. His body cried out for her and his need for blood whispered, Bite her. His reward was a loud sigh of pleasure. His hand slowly glided up from her lap. Gentle feather-soft touches of his fingertips grazed the soft skin of her neck and partially-exposed chest.
He fidgeted with the buttons on her shirt, undoing them to remove the thin, cloth barrier preventing him from exploring the tender flesh of her soft breasts. Finally unbuttoning her blouse, he snapped open the front clasp of her lacy bra and cupped a swollen breast in his hand.
Need beat at him with unrelenting urgency. He desperately wanted to taste her. He lapped at her neck, his tongue finding the pulsing vein.
Daphne shuddered, letting out a gasp as his teeth sank into her soft flesh. Connor massaged her swollen breasts, working her nipples into hard nubs as he fed slowly from the fountain of her neck.
Her blood was warm and rich; a honey-sweet elixir, tasting every bit as good as he had imagined it would. He savored the flavor as it flooded his mouth. He could have drunk her dry; the thick blood was like liquid ecstasy. He knew better, though. Connor was not a young fledgling anymore. Time had given him better control over his urges. A taste, a sip, was all that he needed to sustain himself. Any more and he might run the risk of making another mistake, like he had with Adrienne.
With a sweep of his tongue, he closed the pinpricks of his fangs, leaving no trace of his indulgence, and kissed the tender flesh of her neck.
Connor released her breasts, sending one hand trailing down to her tight jeans. With a quick jerk, he opened her button-fly and reached down, under her lacy panties, to her warm folds, already wet with desire.
Daphne gasped as his finger found her clit. Her body arched in response, her ass rubbed against his swollen erection, packaged tightly in his jeans. The movement caused a white-hot streak of pleasure to surge through him.
He teased and massaged her breasts with one hand while the other slowly dipped into her wet opening. Pecking kisses just below her ear, he used every available resource to masterfully manipulate her body into a pleasurable frenzy.
She moved and slithered in his lap, responding to his every touch. The friction of her body, writhing against the stiff erection tenting his jeans, was pure erotic sensuality that served to return the pleasure Connor was giving Daphne, right back to him.
“Oh God!” She shuddered and convulsed, letting out a loud moaning cry. Her tight pussy clenched around his finger with her climax.
Hearing the pleasure he gave her filled Connor with a sense of deep satisfaction; but he was not done with her yet. This was just the first act.
Panting and twitching with tiny aftershocks, she slumped backwards on his chest.
Though his body demanded release as well, he would not give in. He had already indulged in her blood; sexual release would wait until he had given her more. Her needs were more important and he wanted to ensure her satisfaction first.
He scooted out from behind her, letting her fall back into the pillows. She looked at peace. With heavy-lidded eyes, she gazed up at him. An endearing, goofy, crooked grin covered her face.
“That was—”
He put a finger to her lips. “There is no need for words. The moans of your pleasure tell me all I need to know.” He bent down, replacing his finger with his lips.


The smoldering flames of her recently spent passion instantly reignited at the touch of his soft lips. As he claimed her mouth, Daphne felt the heat rising again. She would never have believed she could withstand such heat but somehow, her body ached for more.
His velvety tongue dipped into her mouth, coaxing hers to dance with his while he teased and explored.
Daphne felt his kiss alone could bring her to another climax; her body was his to command.
He left her mouth, trailing kisses down her neck to her breasts. She flushed with excitement. Daphne couldn’t believe she was allowing this to happen and was amazed that her subconscious wasn’t screaming at her to stop it. She didn’t want to stop it, she wanted more.
He nipped playfully at her hardened nipples, sending tiny shocks of white-hot pleasure shooting through her body.
Moisture pooled between her legs as she cooed and moaned for more.
He explored lower, his tongue swirling slowly on her sensitive skin. Connor traced every inch of her body, caressing, lapping, tickling; causing her blood to boil with desire for more.
So this is a Tongue Lashing.
As if he were reading the thoughts straight from her mind, he sat up. Smiling wickedly, he removed her jeans. The rough denim material felt like sandpaper on her sensitized skin. He soothed the irritation with a gentle kiss as his hands reached to remove her panties now soaked with her pleasure. Connor quickly tossed them aside and bent his head to lap at the heat between her legs.
The moment his tongue caressed her overly sensitive clit, she bucked, letting out a loud cry. He swirled and caressed her pearl, writing invisible words of pleasure, composing symphonies of ecstasy, making her sing his praise. His strong hands grabbed hold of her hips as he plunged his tongue deep into her folds. Overcome with sensation, she reached out to find some anchor to cling to. Balling the sheets tight in her hands, Daphne rode the wave of pleasure he sent surging through her body.
What was his name? That asshole, who cheated on her? Daphne couldn’t remember any longer. He had never been so concerned with her pleasure. He had never done the things that Connor was doing to her. The memory of him faded, slowly replaced by this god of a man, commanding her body to feel each and every delight she had been denied.
Connor lapped and flicked, teasing her clit, causing her hot juices to flow freely from her heated core. One hand left her hips. Connor looked up catching Daphne’s eyes as he traced a finger down her belly, to her wet folds. Slowly, he dipped it into her wetness. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she let out a long moan of satisfaction. He bent his head again to lap at her clit as he sent his finger deep inside her heat. She relished this new pleasurable sensation filling her, and allowed her hips to rock with his movements.
Writhing in a whirlwind of pure ecstasy, Daphne could barely form a coherent thought. He lapped at her cream as if wanting to savor every drop. One finger soon became two as he urged her body onward, toward climax. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. His tongue and his touch commanded her. She moaned, praising Connor’s name as he brought her to a second and more powerful climax.
Gasping for breath, Daphne lay panting, her heart beating wildly in her chest, her knuckles white from holding the bedsheets so tightly as the climax caused her to explode into a million pieces.

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