Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Excerpt - "Hunger"

This is a short excerpt from my Christmas story, "Hunger".

Brett, has been in love with Corinne for 15 years, since they were at high school together. Even though she's now a married woman, his love has remained as strong as ever. Darren, Corinne's husband, has no illusions about Brett's feelings, yet regards him as one of his best friends. With the heat of a Brisbane Christmas weighing down on them, an unexpected present is made which will change Brett and Corinne's relationship forever.

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT a men age story...


The zipper ended right between her shoulder blades, but my hand was unwilling to stop there. I lightly traced her superb spine higher and higher until the flat of my hand was resting on the back of her neck. I could feel my self-control evaporating as I trailed my hand out to the point of her delectable shoulder and leaned my head down to her neck. Before I did anything I couldn’t take back, I glanced into the mirror, trying to read Corinne’s expression, give her the chance to stop me.

I kept lowering my face without breaking eye contact, until, like a moonbeam glittering on a placid lake, my lips glanced across her perfect skin.

Finally, her expression changed. Her eyes drifted closed and her mouth curled like cigarette smoke into a smile so sexy you’d need to show ID to look at it.

“Good boy…”

I’d never heard anything so erotic before. She flopped forward, leaning her arms against the mirror and her forehead against her arms.

My hands each found a shoulder to cry on, while my lips paid service to the side of her throat. She mewed against the mirror, then curled one arm around the back of my head. The moment my teeth found her ear she turned her head and sucked her mouth to mine, drank me into herself.

I knew Darren was showering. I knew he wouldn’t be much longer.

I knew I couldn’t stop.

My hands fell from Corinne’s shoulders and swept down her bare arms. She entwined her fingers with mine, squeezing them, pumping their heartless little bodies. She pulled her mouth away with a severity that was slightly mollified by her radiant smile.

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