Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ensnaring Kiss - Excerpt

Thought I might test out another excerpt from one of my works that never went very far. This piece was just a bit of fun. I wrote it, as I do many things, by just letting the muse have its way with me.

The concept here was a vampire woman on the prowl, stalking an older man and offering a deadly kiss that would ensnare him for eternity.


"How about a kiss goodbye?"

Marcus leaned in close. Natasha allowed her fang to pierce her tongue. Blood pooled in her mouth as their lips met. His lips parted and his tongue caressed the crease of her soft lips; an intimate request for entry.

She allowed her lips to part and their tongues met. Natasha’s tongue washed his in blood as they shared this intimate moment. She fed him her essence and he accepted it greedily, sucking her tongue into his mouth as if he needed to taste every bit of her.

The reaction was almost immediate, just as she expected. His body suddenly stiffened. With a gasp, he fell away from her into his seat.

She watched his body trembling, humming with energy as he lay there in his stupor. Muscles all over him tightened. He gripped the arm of the chair, his nails dug into the plastic coated metal.

Natasha smiled wickedly and wiped her lips. She witnessed the outline of his cock appearing in his pants like an inflating balloon. It stretched the material taut across his waist.

Marcus moaned loudly through clenched teeth. His face contorted, eyes squeezing shut, jaw tightening, lips stretching into an almost insane, joker-like smile.
Then, he found release.

Natasha remembered that first time. For her it was like the feeling of the strongest orgasm … amplified by ten. She knew the first taste was something no one ever forgot. She hadn’t in all her long years.

Marcus’s body relaxed as he exhaled a deep breath. He slumped into his seat panting, no doubt feeling the aftershocks of his climax.

Already she could see the effects of her blood in his body. Not yet turned, the effects wouldn’t be permanent, but he already appeared more youthful. Crow’s feet receded from the corners of his eyes. The light dusting of grey in his raven-black hair regained a little color, darkening a shade. Freckles and sunspots on his arms faded too. The clock was reversing … temporarily.

“What the hell was that?” he stammered, still breathless, his face holding a goofy, crooked grin. Marcus’s eyes were glassy, pupils dilated. Natasha knew they would remain that way until the effects of her blood wore off.

He wiped his face, rubbing away a trace bit of her blood left on the corner of his mouth. Looking down at his thumb he appeared to study the red liquid there.
Natasha waited like a hungry lioness, needing to see his reaction. Would he be repulsed at what he was looking at? Would he be stronger than the bloodlust that would forever dominate him if he gave in?

One taste was all it took for her. She had not been strong enough to say, no. She had allowed herself to give into the ecstasy. She begged for more like a child wanting candy.

“Is this blood?” he asked. His eyes had not left his finger, still examining the smudge of crimson there.

“Yes.” She whispered the response.

“Your blood?”


“Will I get some kind of disease?”

“No, there is no disease that could possibly live in my blood. Go on, enjoy it.”
Seconds ticked by as she waited. Part of her wanted him to turn away. If he took enough of her blood there would be no turning back. He would carry the same sentence as she, for eternity.

The other part of her knew the draw, and the terrible feeling of want that would be running through his mind. Like a horrible street drug, vampire blood was quick. Addiction could take over even after such a small taste. Knowing the feeling of that terrible pain, she wanted him to take that last drop and help slake the mounting desire that would no doubt already be there.

His finger found his mouth sucking greedily at the last little taste of blood. His eyes rolled into his head and he hummed a small moan.

She watched, licking her lips in response. Pleasure radiated in waves from him. She knew the feeling all too well. Just watching him ignited her hunger, a need she had not slaked in a few days. Licking at her fangs she allowed herself to imagine opening up his veins and taking that which would soon be hers.

Seconds went by in silence before he turned to Natasha. His face flushed with guilt. “What have I done? What are you?”

She snapped out of her fantasy. Could he resist? Would he? She smiled wide, revealing her tiny fangs. “I think you know what I am.”

Fear washed his face in a pale white as sweat formed on his brow. “I’m not going to turn into one of you, am I?”

“No, you are not changed… yet. All I have done is given you a taste. It is up to you to decide if you want more.”

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