Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Australian Outback Poems of Seduction"

I know, it's not my day, but I just found this and an urge to share overcame me!

A few years back I found an online publication called "Eggplant". Part of their site was the library of books which never were. Writers were invited to submit a blurb or an excerpt for a book which had never existed.

This little piece below was accepted by the site...just before it closed forever (foreverforeverforeverfreverfververerrrrr)

Australian Outback Poems of Seduction

Edited by Wayne Bulbous

Back cover blurb:

The Australian outback is as timeless and as harsh as the physical act of love. It's no surprise then that the world's finest poetry of seduction was wrung from the sand, dust and animal waste that makes up "the bush" - where even the town names sing a siren song to a young cattleman's ears. The Great Dividing Range, Mount Isa and Cunnamulla, to name but three, evoke a genuine feeling best encapsulated by the ancient Greek word "horny".

This compilation of verse encompasses almost all of Australia's European-based history. The late 1800's brings us Edward "Mandolin" Percival's evocative "Crikey, Darlin'" and the evocative "Wombat Stew for Two" by Henry Wattledob.

Also included is the trilogy of timeless epics by Emily Bassingthorpe, "Cattle-Duffer of Hearts", "Abattoir Romance (In The Boning Room)" and the evocative "Love's Dust-Storm Settled".

No compilation could be complete, though, without Horace Hooper's evocative ode to love gained, squandered, regained, ignored and finally strangled, "Geez, You Scrub Up Alright".

The great Aussie tradition of the Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball (B&S) is a rich source of evocative verse. Warren "Cocky" Grenfell brings tears to the eyes with his evocative "Your Ute Or Mine?" and no sooner will you have wiped up from that than you'll find a new wad of moisture forming for the evocative "Hold Me Beer, Mate, I'll Be Back In Ten". Finally you'll be left gagging for air when you finish with Wal Whippet's evocative classic "Is That A Beer Stain, Sheila, Or Are Ya Pleased To See Me?"

Wonder at the secrets of the Australian heart - the vast island continent, and the evocative romantic spirit of the tanned and leathery peoples who inhabit her.


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