Wednesday, July 7, 2010

“No Hunny…Those are my dress up clothes”

Earlier this week Willsin got us talking about cling-on kids. A subject we can all relate to. I’ve got one of those myself. She loves me and wants to do everything with me. Sometimes it’s great, she helps with dishes, cleanup, and laundry. There are times, however, where it can lead to embarrassing situations.

This week for instance, she was helping me put away clothes. I have a rather large bureau with a center cabinet that houses all kinds of random clothes. While putting away a few folded shirts, she decided to explore said cabinet.

Now, I honestly have no clue what is in there because it’s been a catch-all place for things I just needed to “get off the floor.” I open it, toss whatever happens to be on the floor, and then move on. I know, that makes me look like a terrible housekeeper but hey, it happens.

She starts rummaging through the cabinet while I’m hanging clothes in the closet.

Suddenly she lets out a loud “Oooh Pretty! Mommy, can I wear this?” (She still likes to play dress-up, and I do have some old costumes lying around.)

I turn my head to see what silly old thing she’s discovered and my jaw drops.

Just to give you a visual, what she found looks a little like this…

Needless to say, I didn’t let her try them on. LoL. When asked what they were. I told her it was just a pretty slip to go under my dresses. Which, thankfully she believed.

Thank goodness that was the worst she’s ever found. Looks like I am going to have to make sure all of my “personal” items are better kept away from curious little eyes. There are quite a few things stashed away in my room that can’t be explained as simply as the baby-doll lingerie she found this time.

So you tell me. What’s your most recent, embarrassing kid story.


Willsin Rowe said...

We've been "walked in on". Luckily, we were able to "complete separation manouvers", get the quilt up and over us and not yell too loudly...

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Luckily we have never been walked in on. My hubby is pretty militant about locking doors. He would be mortified if Ally walked in on us. LoL.

Emma Hillman said...

Our bedroom doors don't have locks, so yeah, we do what we can! We have been walked in on once but luckily she was too young at the time to understand what was happening! We just dove under the duvet and pretended nothing happened :)

Otherwise, we were walked on by the cat. Literally walked on. He just jumped on the bed and thought it was a perfectly nice spot to have a nap. It WASN'T!!