Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everyone has a foot fetish.

I truly believe that everyone has a secret foot fetish.

Not me, though. LoL. I’ve never been one to care about feet. Personally I think they are kind of icky and stinky. I never make it a point to look down to see what shoes people are wearing or what is going on with their feet. It’s never been something I pay attention to. I guess I'm just the oddball here.

This knowledge of people’s secret foot fetish became apparent to me when I got my recent tattoo. People have been gawking at my feet. Even when the tattoo is not on display, people seem to notice it.

Case in point one: I was at the airport, picking up my parents (something of a regular occurrence. They travel at least once a month if not more and I am always called on as a taxi.). I had on a long skirt that dusted the tops of my feet and a pair of sandals. (My tattoo is still new so I can’t wear anything but sandals until it heals.) Within two seconds of spotting them and giving the customary “hello” hug, what do they do? They look down, both of them, at the same time, and grimace at my new piece of body art. Keep in mind that I had made no attempt to advertise my new tattoo, knowing they aren’t very fond of them. As it was, I couldn’t even see the tattoo if I looked down. My skirt blocked 90% of it from view. So why is it that within seconds of seeing me, they felt the need to check my feet?

Case in point two: I was standing outside of my daughter’s kindergarten class, waiting for the bell to ring, chatting with the other parents. Again, I was wearing a long skirt and sandals (it’s a summer thing and I just love my wrap skirts). Not one, but two of the parents waiting with me looked down for no apparent reason and spotted my tattoo. Thankfully they did not grimace. Actually it sparked a funny conversation about “foot tattoos” and how painful they were to get. (For the record, mine did not hurt that badly.)

Now, I’m not saying I am trying to hide my tattoo from the world, nor am I saying that people shouldn’t admire. It’s a beautiful piece of body art. Art, whether it’s on the wall or on some visible piece of flesh is there to look at.

I’m just shocked at how much people really do focus on feet. Men and Women both seem to be drawn to them. Even before the tattoo I can recall people commenting on my shoes or the color of my toe nails. Why? Why do you care what is on my feet? LoL.

My husband says it stems from a social status thing. People judge you by shoes as they would clothes and that is why they feel the need to inspect. Me, personally, I think it is a secret foot fetish that we all have, but don’t want to admit.

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Willsin Rowe said...

I think I'm on your team, Katie. I can recognise when I find a foot unattractive, but it's not an area I've ever found myself focussing on, beyond giving a foot massage.

Hey, did you ever check out Lucky Diamond Rich? You never told me. Perhaps you did and now you're not talking to me any more!