Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Looking at things side-on...

You know that effect that happens when you're watching TV and you see a computer monitor on the TV screen? How the image on the monitor seems to have black bands running up it? If I remember correctly this is to do with the refresh rate of one versus the other, or the number of lines of image...
Sometimes I feel as if that's how I view the world. As if my brain is angled slightly differently from normal, or it refreshes at a different rate. I can find oddness in quite, well, odd places. Things which most, if not all, other people seem quite comfortable with can make me feel a little disturbed.
For instance, am I the only one who hates the "catalyst moment" in movies?
I'll use Mr Holland's Opus as my example. Fine movie. Great story. It's just that catalyst moment. The moment where Mr Holland sings publicly of his love for his son, Cole, and then suddenly everything is alright between them. Never mind the 16 years of neglect and dismissiveness. I realise that for the sake of expediency, it's a great way to show the change in Holland's attitude, and it works as an emotional moment.
I feel the same way about the song "Always On My Mind".
On the subject of songs, and finding I the only one who is slightly disturbed by the song "Little Sister"?

First he implies that big sister is a cocktease. Then he openly admits he'll settle for little sister like he's doing her some kind of favour. Then he points out that she was of no interest to him until she grew tits. Well that's how I read it, anyway...
Do you guys have these kinds of moments? A fairy tale that left you creeped out? A rom-com that made your skin crawl? Anything?

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