Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't get it up...

The pen I mean. =p

Writers block is a nasty thing and no writer is immune to it. So what do we do when we really want to write but nothing comes?

Last night I sat, staring at my computer, reading the same lines over and over,(the last words I had written) looking for inspiration to continue on where I left off. My characters were at the moment of truth. The bedroom door just closed and the bed was calling them.

And that's where it died. Inspiration deflated. My mind wouldn't rise to the occasion and I ended up leaving my characters unsatisfied for the evening. (I do hope they will forgive me.)

Normally when this happens I just switch to another story and start writing (take my mind off of things), but in this case, I feel a need to get this story finished. It's been sitting on my computer for months now, begging me for a revision.

So I need ideas from you all. Some virtual viagra for my inspiration. What are some of your methods for overcoming writers block and pushing through to finish your story?

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Willsin Rowe said...

Take a walk or a drive. Make several cups of coffee and drink them all. "Rub one out". Watch a dirty movie. Watch the couple across the road. Attack your partner in a fierce sock-wrestling competition (each of you wears only one sock, and the winner is the one who gets the other one's sock off...other clothing optional).

The first two work for me. The others are just fun ways to pass the time and probably interfere with the writing process more than anything...