Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cold Medicine Induced writing. Not a good Idea.

Maybe induced is not the right word. Perhaps aided? Nope, it's not really aiding my writing. Not inhibiting it either. Just not making much sense.

That just goes to show the state of mind I am in.

In short, woosy.

For us writers, taking a day off isn't something we really think about. We write because we enjoy it. It's not so much work as it is a love, a passion.

The problem is, there are some days where writing needs to take a back seat ... even when the muse is screaming at you. Rest and a clear head will help your writing more than trying to tough it out.

Case in point.

My head is floating somewhere up in the NyQuil flavored clouds. The green death flavor if you must know. I am barely able to form coherent thoughts, but I cannot break away from my computer. I never listen to my own advice. I've got a scene I want to write and though I am sure I will have to delete most of the babbling dialogue and odd descriptions, I feel the need to get the words on the paper.

I just wonder what it will look like in the morning. Like I said, I will probably have to delete everything I wrote.

So, (trying to keep this blog post on track) there are some days when you should just walk away and take a break. It's Ok to have a sick day from writing. The muse will understand. Jot down a few ideas and get some much needed rest. Don't waste precious recuperating time on something you will have to delete in the morning.

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