Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Starbucks Bathroom - Jeremie Guy

The Starbucks Bathroom by Jeremie Guy

Holding his coffee-filled water bottle like he did his below-the-waste buddy, Rick used his full lips to suck the tip. He worked his tongue around it in slow strokes, staring at the women a table in from him.

Her pouty lips were pointed upward, and Rick knew his hazel eyes had won her over. The buttons on her blouse swelled against the fullness of her breasts, and Rick could see the lace on her red bra. The steaming cup of coffee in front of her moistened her exposed chest.

A droplet of sweat dripped down from the base of the women’s neck, shining a path that Rick planned to follow later with his tongue. He stood, his eyes still focused on the women, and sauntered to the bathroom. He opened the door and went inside, leaving the door open and waiting.

Soon the woman was propped against the doorframe. She was wearing a black skirt that flared on the bottom, and her calf muscles looked like perfect globs of cookie dough.
No words were exchanged, but Rick’s eyes beckoned the women over, and she closed the door, clicking the lock closed and rushing to his side. Pushing him against the bathroom wall, which was somehow clean, she brought her hand to the bulge in his pants.

“Name’s Gina,” the women said, nibbling Rick’s earlobe.

His limbs tingled as her hot breath moistened his ear. “I’m Dick,” he said.
Though Gina had left her coffee sitting on the table, Rick still had his bottle and he squirted some on her chest. He knew it wasn’t hot enough to burn her. Just enough heat to make her pussy wet. She moaned as the brown liquid soaked into her blouse, hardening her nipples.

Setting his bottle on the sink, he thrust his hands forward and ripped the sopping blouse open. The buttons popped off and plinked against the tile floor.

Rick’s mouth crammed into Gina’s, and he tasted the coffee. Her hands pulled his zipper down, letting Rick’s member pop out. It bounced twice and settled erect, staring at Gina’s chest.

With a smirk she slid to her knees and spread her mouth, letting his penis pass her pouty lips. Her tongue worked the tip of Rick’s throbbing penis. The slurping noises she made caused Rick to moan, and he grabbed his bottle, pouring coffee on his penis and Gina’s face. She moaned, but a knock interrupted them.

Rick’s head snapped to the door and he sighed. Gina fumbled with her blouse, trying to reattach it. They went outside, and Rick didn’t bother sticking around to hear the manager yelling for them to leave.

Going outside, he checked his iPhone. He found a Starbucks that was less than a mile away and started walking, hoping a bad case of blue balls wouldn’t settle in before he found a release.

- end

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