Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plunger - Poppet

Plunger by Poppet

She watches:

I can smell it. So strong and evocative. It brings back many memories; from hot velvet caressing my tongue, the heat exploding into the back of my throat, teasing me to swallow; to the way it sometimes bites my lip. The dark bite that lingers like a vampire's kiss when I am too eager to indulge.

It Feels:

The soul sigh of swirling steam bathing me, causing droplets to swell, pooling around me, forcing me to glisten with hot, wet, anticipation; while the dark potion slowly trickles inside me, filling me completely with overwhelming heat and intensity.

Our lover's breath entwines in lazy circles in the cold morning air. We greet each dawn this way. Him filling me to the brim, sometimes spilling over, and yet here I am, morning after morning, hopeful and wanton, for that heat to chase the chill away. The comfort of his caress down my undulating form, the gurgling gushes as he eases the plunger down deeply inside me, frothy, fragrant, addictive...

She indulges:

I watch his eyes as he succumbs to the temptation to delve the plunger to the hilt. My lover's mouth twitches in the corners when he lazily closes his eyes, inhaling deeply with appreciation. The pungent aroma explodes through the room, and a satisfied sigh escapes sensual lips in a satisfied gasp.

I need that kiss. I need this fix. Offering my hand, licking my lips with salacious eagerness, I beckon for him to give me what I need. Give it to me. Give it to me now...

He succumbs:

I take a sip, but cannot prevent the long, gentle, sucking in, of the juicy delicacy into my mouth. One taste is not enough. It never is. Enticing me to indulge in her succulent heat on this cold morning, I cannot resist the temptation. Closing my eyes, savouring the scent, the sensation, the sheer luxurious, rich embalming warmth, of my mocha sunrise lover.

It's a new religion. I am a zealot eagerly anticipating the filling of the vessel with impatient plunging, to get this release, to satiate the desire that dictates my morning ritual.

She succumbs:

I sit back and stare, watching him relax, his breath condensing like a ghost in front of his face, euphoria paints his expression into angelic rapture.

Oh yes, he knows how to grind it into the finest aromatic pulp. He's patient. A lover with the skill of a master craftsman. Slow pulsation's to tease out the fullest body, to explode the boldest flavour. When he allows me to slumber in his embrace, he wakes me this way, a seraph with his finger on the button, exploding vibrations before filling my mouth with decadent delicacy. Oh God. The way he makes it, first grinding, then plunging, allowing the breath-steam to shroud his beauty, his intense expression of appreciation, I exist to share these moments.

The Cast:

He: My Lover
She: Me
It: The coffee bodum
The scene: Morning coffee

- end

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Sandrine Lopez said...

I read all the stories and only this and Madeline Elayne's 'Coffee Goddess' jumped out at me, good though the others were. But Poppet's way of expressing things was amazingly evocative and different. She gets my vote.

Selestiele said...

I'll never look at a cup of coffee the same way again. Wow. Can I vote for Poppet AND the coffee bodum?

mdmarker said...
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mdmarker said...
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mdmarker said...

Poppet in a landslide, but then I’ve always been a sucker for the long, gentle, sucking in.

Anna said...

Loving it ;-)*grinnage*

Claudia said...

So much different from the other stories. Well written, and yes, I'll enjoy my coffee even more from now on !

sessha_battousai said...

luxurious, creamy, steamy, rich and seductive - just the way coffee SHOULD be. Love the slow build.

Jeff said...

Wow. Great powers of description, vivid and intense. You make me feel like a lazy writer with your magical metaphors. You know how to turn a phrase! :)

Now everytime I see that Starbucks coffee across the street, I will have to smile.

Well done!

Scott said...

I need that kiss, I need this fix, indeed. This one's a winner.

Lulu83 said...'ve struck me with your words again. I just can't seem to get enough. I've never thought of coffee like this before, but you are by far the most descriptive, and to say that people might crave coffee in the morning like sex, well i will fully agree. You've outdone yourself again honey!!

Diane said...

You did it again - aromatic, senso*matic! Yummy.

Dianne said...

Love it. Makes me want my morning coffee NOW! Good luck Poppet!

Trip said...

this one