Saturday, April 3, 2010

On The Shelf - Sandrine Lopez

On The Shelf by Sandrine Lopez

"Try our new coffee, sir?"

She held the plastic cup up with well-practiced enthusiasm, not expecting a response. Her knees shook at the directness of his gaze, eyes meeting hers unashamedly. Under her breasts her heart began pounding, as if fuelled by caffine, at his good looks.

"Yes. Thirsty after all this shopping." Deep, suggestive tones.

Instead of taking the cup, he grasped her hand, strongly but tenderly, so she tipped it to his lips, letting him sip the hot liquid. His touch burned hotter than the coffee, searing her nerves, melting her soul, her inhibitions, to nothing.

As he swallowed, so did she.

His basket was scant, indicating he was single too. Both on the shelf.

A different rush made her pulse race. She saw his finger over it, measuring her excitement.

Through rising, instant attraction, she struggled to recall her pitch.

"Would you be interested... "

He nodded, "Very much so."

In an unexpected public place, shoppers pushing trollies around them, he was flirting. She wanted to glance round, check no-one was watching, but her gaze was magnetically held to his.

Likewise, her lips felt impelled to smooch him. Her body wanted to wrap around whatever he had on offer...

The cup of coffee singed her fingers. It fell from her held hand, hitting the table, spilling over her blouse and skirt in a jolted spurt of wet heat. Sensations collided, combined, mix of hot drink through her clothes, and inner torrid feelings, perculating within.

She imagined the intense heat of his naked body against her, dripping with sweat from anticipation, then exertion. Like the spilt coffee, his desires and effort spurted, this time inside. And she became molten, fluid fire, around him...

"I'm so sorry..." He began, mopping the coffee staining her outfit with a hankerchief. His dabs, exploring her ribs and stomach, lower, made things worse. She was perspiring. Other sultry moisture dampened what she wore, seen and unseen.

She wanted him, needed to consume everything he was.

The superstore boasted, "We have everything you need". Her shift finished soon. For a perfect evening she needed fresh clothes - perhaps he would buy, as apology. Plenty of food and drink, and the pharmacy had items should they want to make a meal of each other instead...

She spied a packet in his basket already. Wishful thinking? On whose part?

His eyes followed her gaze, and met again.

She called into her store talkback, "Clean up to aisle 21!"

As the mop-and-bucket guy arrived, she led him to the clothing department, arm-in-arm. Let him choose what he would like to see her in and, hopefully, very quickly or teasingly slowly out of.

Vision of him adding his milky whiteness to her coffee-dark needs, swirling round, stirring...

"What about the coffee?" he enquired.

She shrugged, "I have a much nicer instant at home."

"Is that an invitation?"

A smiled nod.

Yes, the store had everything for a perfect evening... for this instant.


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