Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making Coffee - Mat Twassel

Making Coffee by Mat Twassel

“I need coffee so bad,” said Tom, rubbing Saturday night sleep from his eyes.

“So bad,” echoed Beth. “You grind the beans, I’ll rinse the pot.”

While Beth set the kettle to boil, Tom poured from the tall canister of Italian dark. A few beans spilled. They danced nimbly across the kitchen tiles, scattering wildly. “Naughty boys,” Beth said, and she knelt at Tom’s bare feet to pick up one of the escapees. Her eyes were level with Tom’s groin. Unable to resist, Beth’s hand brushed the soft flannel of Tom’s pajama bottom’s flap, down and up, and up and up until Tom’s penis peeked through the slit. Beth smiled a what-have-we-here smile and touched the moist tip of her tongue to the moist slit at the tip of Tom’s penis, while above her head Tom thumbed the coffee grinder into action. Like a boy’s revving airplane, the grinder whirred and whirred, stopping only when Tom’s erection bumped the back of Beth’s throat. She oh’d Tom out, long and slow, planting a flourish of a kiss at the finish. Mmm-wha! After bestowing a that-was-fun look, Beth regained her feet to take the whistling kettle off the flame. Tom fingered the rich powder of freshly ground coffee into the unbleached filter cone, and Beth tipped the kettle, letting steamy water trickle.

“Do it slow,” Beth said, Tom behind her, his hefty phallus, lightly wetted with moisture from Beth’s mouth, nosing and nuzzling Beth’s nightgown-covered ass. “Slow, slow, slow,” Beth instructed, as Tom caressed her pear-shaped breasts, palming and fingering the fattening nipples until they perked and peaked.

“Can’t rush good coffee.”

Beth set the kettle back on the stovetop. For a while she and Tom watched the dark liquid drip slowly, thickly, into the carafe, then Tom hoisted Beth up onto the breakfast table. Standing on tiptoe, he pushed his prick a scant inch into the welcoming clench of her cunt.

Beth leaned back, her hands braced behind her, allowing Tom an angle to thrust. Tom’s palm pressed Beth’s mound; his fingers smoothed the sides of her clitoris; he stroked to the rhythm of her steady squeeze. “Slow, slow, slow,” Tom intoned when Beth began to pant. “Don’t rush.” But naughty Beth disobeyed. Her orgasm seized and spilled and seized again. Tom, unable to contain his excitement, poured into her, his hot cream jetting jolt after jolt of ejaculation, flooding her cunt to overflowing.

“Oh, honey,” Beth said, arms now clinging around Tom’s neck. His cock still ensconced in her sheath, he picked her up. She wrapped her legs about him, and he carried her back to the bedroom and plunged them onto the bed.

The second fuck took most of the morning. By the time they made it back into the kitchen, the coffee was cold.

“You know what would be so good right now?” saidTom.

"So good,” echoed Beth, patting Tom’s bare ass. “You rinse and I’ll grind.”

- end

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Bambi said...

Fantastic story. Hot, sexy and I love your style. Made me wet.