Saturday, April 3, 2010



Jenna stood in the doorway, a glass of Irish Coffee in each hand. She looked over at Matt, who was lounging on the couch. She grinned. The man was hot, no doubt about it. She sauntered over to him and handed him a glass. As he took it from her, their fingers touched, and she felt a flush of warmth in her belly as heat sparked between them. Matt watched her take a long sip of the coffee, leaving a smear of cream on her lips. God, he wanted to lick that cream off her lush mouth! Jenna noticed his interest and the warmth in her belly spread lower. Her nipples tingled and began to rise. She put her glass down on the coffee table and straddled his legs, leaning into him so that they could kiss. The feel of his mouth on hers made her sigh, and the questing probe of his tongue against hers caused her to moan deep in her throat.

She felt his hands cup her breasts through her lace shirt, and arched against his palms as he unbuttoned her shirt and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. This was quickly followed by the wet rasp of his tongue. He used his teeth, just a little, causing tiny jolts of pleasure to arc through her groin. Her breathing quickened and she looked into his blue eyes, darkened with lust.

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” she said huskily. They stood up, and Matt watched the sway of her hips as she walked before him. As they passed the kitchen door Jenna stopped him. “Hold on a sec, I have to grab something.” She went into the kitchen and returned, holding a can of whipped cream in one hand.

“Hungry?” he teased.

“You better believe it,” Jenna said, as she leaned forward and nipped his lower lip lightly with her teeth. Matt drew his breath in sharply and followed her into the bedroom. They quickly stripped off their clothing, and Matt lay on his back. His gorgeous penis was already fully erect in anticipation. Jenna carefully sprayed cream onto the head, and he gasped at the cool sensation. He gasped again as he felt Jenna’s mouth close around him, her tongue licking at the cream that mixed with his pre-cum. She slid her mouth along the length of him, sucking, then sat up and rubbed his penis teasingly against her slit, gasping as it rubbed against her clit. She positioned herself above him and slid down achingly slowly until he was fully inside her.

“What about me?” Matt asked. Jenna grinned, and grabbed the can, spraying cream onto her breasts. She bent forward so that he could lick the cream off her nipples as she slowly began to ride him.

“You’ll have your turn later,” she whispered. And he did. By the time they were fully sated their coffee was ice cold and Jenna was out of whipped cream, but they no longer cared.

- end

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Jane Newton said...

Whew! Hot, hot, hot! LOVED it!!

Tommy Brice said...

This makes me want to run out and buy LOTS of whip cream. Forget the coffee....this story provides more than enough wake me UP. *wink ;)

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

You've done an outstanding job -- quite an afternoon delight in 500 words!
You're story has my vote! Good luck!

Tao Joannes said...

An excellent read. You got my vote.

Shana said...

An awesome steamy read. Thanks for the read :-)