Friday, April 30, 2010

In honor of erotica and its authors (Part Two)

Following my post last week enquiring about your favorite erotica books and authors, I now have a question for all the writers out there (published or not!):

Is there a book of yours that you particularly like or prefer? If yes, why? Is it because of the characters, the plot? Or just because it sold the most? Or, could it be that what you wrote is close to your reality, therefore holding a cherished place in your heart?

Do tell us!

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Willsin Rowe said...

Good question, Em.

My fave so far is "The Three-Day Hump". It is actually being well outsold by "Hunger", so it's not about sales.

For me it was because of the research I did about how addiction affects brain chemistry, and about balancing the needs of the characters against the needs of their...nether regions...