Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Good Was That?

Holy Smut, Batman!

The contest is all done and dusted, and I'm just a little concerned. Because if some of our entrants were amateurs (or even a smut-writing sense, of course), then we're all in for some serious competition.

Thanks to everyone who entered. When I first began writing I received a lot of comments from people along the lines of "well, at least you're putting it out there". I'm pretty sure they were talking about my writing, rather than my habit of streaking at chess tournaments. There's a point I'm wending my way towards, here...

Many people want to write but make excuses. Many others write and dream of publication, but make excuses.

For any of our entrants who'd never written anything before, or who had never shown their work to've just stepped up. We made the contest deliberately challenging. I mean, 500 words? That's like a quickie while the kids are awake in the next room! But every single story rose to the challenge.

Congratulations to Kiki Howell, S.L. Standish and Areana Senoj, but again, thank you to everyone who entered.

I already loved coffee. makes me a little bit hard...

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Rozlyn Sparks said...

Yes yes yes!!! Three cheers to the winners.

And a round of applause for all the contest entrants. Just goes to show that there is a lot of talent out there just waiting to be tapped into.