Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hot Cream Desire - Cassie Exline

Hot Cream Desire by Cassie Exline

Every Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, Robin sat in Norma's Coffee Shop enjoying a cup of coffee and doing a crossword puzzle while trying not to stare at the handsome dark-haired Luke who sat at the corner table not far from the ladies restroom.

She fantasized Luke naked in bed. Desire seared her body every time their eyes met. Inevitably Robin creamed her panties before her cup was empty or her crossword completed.

Robin always made several trips to the ladies room. When she passed his table, they would nod and smile.

This Wednesday Robin dressed to kill. A short skirt, a top with a plunging neckline, and stilettos. No panties. She made four trips to the restroom and three times had been asked out by other men.

Ready for another trip, Robin stood and smoothed her skirt. Her hips swayed when she passed Luke’s table. She was fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror when the door opened. Luke entered and locked the door. He reached for her and slammed her against the wall. He shoved her arms above her head. His hungry mouth feasted on hers. They kissed, their tongues licking and sucking, while their bodies pressed hard together.

One of his hands slipped under her top and cupped one of her silk covered breasts. His other hand moved down her back and squeezed her bottom. He brought her left leg up. His fingers pushed under her skirt.

She caressed his face, kissed his lips, his cheeks. Her fingers twined his hair while his fingers explored the moist furrow of her pussy.

He broke their kiss to nibble her earlobe, down her neck. His mouth crushed hers as he ripped off her blouse and deftly removed her bra. He sucked her nipples. His teeth raked the hard nubbins. She moaned.

He whirled her around. His hands slid down across her bottom, down her thighs and yanked her skirt above her waist. He tugged her curlies and rubbed her mons.

She heard the snick of his zipper, bent over, and braced herself against the sink. He widened her legs, poised his cock at her cunt, and rammed so deep she orgasmed. His thrusts steadied and intensified. He fucked her hard and fast. His orgasm triggered another for her. His hot panting breath washed over her.

“Oh, Luke. Luke,” she whispered.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

His hot cream trickled down her leg. She turned and sucked his tongue into her mouth. He set her on the sink. She wrapped her legs around him. He fingered her to another orgasm.

She was still breathing hard when she heard knocking at the bathroom door. “Robin! Your break is over. We need fresh coffee made.”

“Just a minute, Norma!”

“Newlyweds!” Norma stomped away.

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Jeff Adams said...

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm Cassie, I judge these stories by which ever one gives me the hardess erection. You win with this tale...straight UP! ;)

Jim Zink said...

This is vivid and delicious. I like the ordinary but mysterious and seductive opening. The middle is so hot and sexy and richly satisfying, it blows me away. And the end makes me want to read the whole thing again and again. A perfect twist and great fun! I think this is the best of a lot of great coffee stories. Thanks, Cassie.

Florida Cousin said...

Your books and short stories are always fun and exciting to read, this was excellant and I love the surprise ending.

Randy said...

I always love your stories, Cassie, but mostly the sex always leaves me spent and satisfied.

tag459 said...

I'm voting for Cassie