Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day and a special Reader Review!!!

Need a little something to get you over the hump?

Our good friend Areana has a recommendation for you. You might remember Areana from our Coffee fueled contest. She took third place with her HOT hit,

Areana Senoj - Coffee, Tea or Me

Well, she not only writes erotica, she's is an avid reader too. Here she is to tell us all about her new favorite sexy story...

Designing Love~ by Yvonne Nicolas
A Review
By Areana Senoj

One of this year's best contender's for Erotic Fiction, should be, Designing Love, by Yvonne Nicolas.

This book delivers everything an erotic novel ought. It has plot, believable characters, sexual tension, and sex, sex, sex, sex, but not gratuitously so. It had me at

"Now I pronounce you man and wife" to "...he slid the ring on her perfect finger..."
I laughed, I teared-up, and got as ticked-off as the characters did, in this phenomenally well written journey in the life and love of Devon Sparks and Josephine Burnett.

In the outset, Devon, finds himself the best-man in his best friend's wedding, which he should have been the groom of. "Come again?" you ask? Yes you heard it, Devon’s, best friend, stole his girl friend and is marring her while Devon has to eat crow and be the best man.

If that isn't a variation on the "Wedding from Hell theme", I don't know what is...No, please; don't tell me there could be anything else worse.

We are privy to Devon's thoughts running around head as he recalls how he had to drag his drunken friend, Roland, a.k.a the groom, to his own wedding and from where. But wait; Devon's ex (a true piece of work) Sally Ann, is still trying to play head-games, insisting that he design the newlyweds' dream home, at the reception. (What nerve!)

The next delightful twist, is when Devon meets the lovely Josephine Burnett, and discovers he is enigmatically drawn to her, much to his chagrin.
By his own admission he is "Damaged goods" but is so bedazzled by her, he is walking around in broad daylight with a flashlight. (meaning: he is captivated by her and can see nothing else but her.)

Stalwart in his refusal to admit the attraction, he continues to be a hard liner until he makes it plain to the both of them that there is something between them, other than business.

The air crackles with electricity whenever they are alone. (A point not easily missed)Josephine's life, however, is not without drama, her abusive boyfriend has a deep secret he is avoiding to share, and makes it plain to everyone else (not Josephine, she is still too blinded by sweet-ignorance, to see the writing on the wall that her relationship is over, until it hits her in the someone double clutching on a shovel and being smacked in the face with it.

Emotionally destroyed, she locks her heart and feelings away high in a tall tower, until Devon comes to rescue her, and himself.

Together they try to rebuild their shattered existences and thereby form a bond which is explosive and fiery.

In the end....Well I am no spoiler, you'll have to get the book. Well, alright, they live happily ever-after. There, you happy?

In my opinion, and you know what they say about those; they are just like noses, "everyone has one". This book was a delight to read.

I laughed at Devon's thoughts which, (for those unfortunate individuals who have had a relationship go south), we wished we "should-have, could-have, and would have said", had Ms. Nicolas handed us a script so we'd be prepared with a snappy come-back.

Ms. Nicolas has her based covered with this one. The plot hooks you in, the characters are believable, the storyline flows and the language is earthy and real.
This book has heat, and if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. The language is contemporary and she brings the heat into the bedroom, bathroom and the garage. It is not for the faint of heart, but that's erotica. The love between the main characters is romantic, passionate, fiery but never vulgar or gratuitous.

I found it very entertaining, and exhilarating. As I said in the outset of this review, If you really want to see what erotica is: you will have to read this one cover to cover. It is hot and complete in it's own Design.

Designing Love, delivers. This will not escape the notice of real readers' of erotic fiction. It is what life, love and fantasy are all about and it is “Designed” for you.


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Aww, such a beautiful review! Thanks Areana! :o)

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