Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happiness: Even Without Caffeine - Brumeux

Happiness: Even Without Caffeine by Brumeux

You know how the morning goes. I stumble around blindly until I’ve achieved a sufficient degree of caffeination.

That Monday I was waiting for my triple shot latte at the shop around the corner from my apartment when the guy in front of me turned around suddenly, bumped into me, and spilled his iced coffee all down my front.

I was still too out of it to react quickly, but he grabbed some napkins and started blotting up the spill. Down my shirt, down the front of my pants, down to my crotch. He looked up as soon as he realized what he was doing and said, “Oh my gosh—I’m sorry!”

I came out of my fog. I was looking at vivid blue eyes and slightly tousled black hair (my favorite combination). Plus cheekbones and a little cleft in the chin. The day had just improved. “No harm, no foul,” I said. “Still a little damp there though.”

He gave a bright smile and patted me just where my prick was swelling. “Maybe you should rinse these out before the coffee stains,” he recommended.

“Excellent idea. My place is just around the corner. If you’d like to help.”

“I’d say it was my responsibility.” And I got another grin.

I barely had the door closed behind us when he grabbed the waistband of my trousers and pulled me toward the kitchen. “It’s very important to get them before the stain sets.”

Almost before I could speak he had my loafers off and my pants pulled past my feet. He handed them up to me saying, “Here—rinse these out.” A quick squeeze over my thickening cock and—“Too bad. And these.” My boxers followed the way of my pants. “If the coffee went any further we’ll have to rinse that as well.”

His tongue gave a slow hungry swipe up the underside of my prick. “Yes; a definite coffee flavor. I’ll have to take care of that too.” And my rigid tool disappeared into his mouth.

It was heaven. This man knew his way around a blowjob—when to swallow, when to lick, when to hold the base with his hand. In no time my knees were getting weak and my whole body was trembling; and finally I blasted down his throat.

“Wow!” I gasped. Before I could say more he’d finished the random kisses he was scattering up my body.

He planted his lips against mine and shared the lingering taste of my cum; then broke off the kiss to whisper in my ear. “What I’d really like to do next,” he murmured, “is to fuck you.”

“I’m delighted to hear that,” I sighed. “The lube and the rubbers are in the bedroom.”


Half an hour later I called my office just as he pulled me back for another round. “I’m going to have to take a sick day today. I can’t even manage to get out of bed.”

- end

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Secretia said...

I am amazed that you could write this, Jenna, in the beginning I thought it was a woman who had the iced coffee spilled on her, I was surprised, not shocked, I liked the story.


Minnie said...

Oh wow Bru! I absolutely LOVE the approach on this one and damn if that wasn't a hot tryst! Loved it!

Kath Ballantyne said...


mrsquizzical said...

oh, but what a waste of a coffee!


just kidding. that was fabulous.

Brissy said...

That was great! I'm going to recomend this.
What a fantastic way for an unfortunate event to turn into something more enticing & pleasurable.

Marie Dees said...

Just like good coffee. Hot, sweet and served up quickly.