Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cafe Reverie - Margaret Bail

Cafe Reverie by Margaret Bail

I added more sugar to my coffee then stirred it with my finger, licking the wetness absently as I puzzled over my crossword, needing a five letter word for “peak.” I felt him enter the coffee shop rather than saw him. The energy in the room changed suddenly as a collective female sigh went up. What, I thought, was that all about? But when I glanced up from the page I understood why. With skin the color of my coffee and locks falling to his lovely broad shoulders, he quickly had my taste buds tingling.

He glanced over his shoulder and caught me staring. I blushed. He smiled. Wickedly. He sauntered in my direction and placed his cup on the table next to mine. Without a word of introduction and nothing but a devilish smirk to hint at his intentions, he moved my coffee to join his. I raised my brow at him. He took my hand in his and raised it to his lips, pulling me to my feet. The heat of his breath gave me chills, and when he licked my fingertips my knees went weak. He was there to catch me, though, a strong arm around my waist. Rather than helping me to my seat he perched my ass on the edge of the table and wedged himself between my thighs.

He laced one hand into my hair and pulled my hungry lips to his. I tasted mocha java on his tongue and groaned from the joy of it. I unbuttoned his shirt, my fingers tripping over themselves in my eagerness. His physique had my heart pounding. I noticed his nipples were as hard as mine. With a wickedness to match his, I traced those peaks with my tongue and I was rewarded when I felt his erection twitch against my leg.

His other hand slid under my skirt and up my thigh where he hooked a finger into my panties and removed them with surprising finesse. I, in turn, unbuckled and helped him out of his pants. His fingers found me wet and he flashed me a toothy grin. Using his knees, he pushed my thighs wide then leaned way down and tasted me with his tongue. I nearly came right there, but I held on, squirming and panting, while he laid me back and pulled me toward him. With my ass hanging off the end of the table and my hips firmly in his grasp, he plunged his cock inside me, filling me to the rim. I held my breath as he drew himself in and out, quickening his rhythm. I arched my back making needy sounds in my throat, willing that blissful rush of climax (Ah! A five letter word for peak!). And with one final thrust I came with a shuddering jerk.

This, of course, jolted me out of the fantasy. Sitting at my table, cup to my lips, I smiled into my coffee, a satisfying orgasm still throbbing between my legs.


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