Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sense and Censorbility

I watched an episode of a top rating American TV show a while back, and it featured a small scene with a dead, but naked, woman in a bathtub. We could see the bloody evidence of her brutal murder, but she had to have her hand over her breast.

Another episode featured actual graphic depiction of two different women at two different times getting their throats aerated. Still no boobies. No bottoms (male or female). Only severed heads and spraying blood.

Of course I concede that the actors may simply, and reasonably, refuse to get their gear off. And I bring up this point not because I yearn to see knockers. (Well, not JUST because of that...besides, I'm an arse man).

I just wonder about the double standard. I'm guessing that the shows would have a more restrictive rating if they featured nudity. Are we worried that our teenage kids will be intensely warped by the sight of a naked human? Are we NOT worried that they'll be intensely warped by depictions of murder?Or is it because, while the violence is fake, those consarn nipples are just too real?

Maybe we need to design a nipple-cosy...

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