Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm cheating a bit today, re-posting something I've posted before. Been a bit busy and didn't want to leave you all hanging on thursday. Plus I felt this a fitting re-topic because I know you all are working your muse for the CFE Erotic Flash Fiction Contest.

So, again, you get to hear my random thoughts about getting the muse working.

I know you all know what I am talking about. Sometimes the words just don't flow. Maybe you wrote yourself into a corner. (I hate when that happens.) Maybe the story took a boring turn for a moment. (Hey, they can't be all action packed scenes.)Maybe your brain is just fried and you can't think of the next word to write.

Whatever the reason, you are left staring at the blank screen.

C'mon we've all been there.

What do you do?

For me? I find that music helps immensely when I am stuck.

Sometimes I will sit at my computer with my eyes closed, just listening.

Music tells stories, evokes feelings, and can spark that missing bit of inspiration needed to write. Does it always work...No. But at the very least it helps stop me from pathetically staring at the screen and scratching my head.

So tell me, what gets your muse going? What activities do you like to do when you can't seem to figure out what to write?

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