Friday, March 5, 2010

In limbo

So here I am. It's Friday morning. I have time to spare. I could be writing, and yet... I just look at my screen and blink.

I completed my latest WIP two days ago (see here for more details), and now that it is submitted, I find myself in some kind of limbo.

I want to write, but I can't seem to ever get started on anything. And the worst thing is, I know why. I want to hear from the publisher. I want good news. I won't work on anything else until I do.

Of course, this state won't last, because it could take weeks to hear back from them! I do have other manuscripts that need work, and I know I'll get back to them soon.

I probably wrote too much this week. I was like a crazed woman, typing for hours because the end was in sight. Have you ever done that? Wrote so much that you needed a break before starting over again?

Em, over and out x


Anonymous said...

I am an extreme person, and often i take things so far that i need a substantial break.


Willsin Rowe said...

Are you at that point where you're writing in your sleep yet, Em? Or when you're in that half-sleep state and you're moving words around from there to there...that's always fun...