Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Titles - Hot Stories

Thank you to these fabulous authors who have submitted an entry for our 1st Coffee Fueled Erotica Flash Fiction Contest!! Don't they sound great? I bet you can't wait to read them and vote.

Jeremie Guy - The Starbucks Bathroom

Erin O'Riordan - Secrets of the World's Best Coffee

Poppet - PLUNGER

Kiki Howell - Cold Coffee on a Warm Day

Lou Riddell - Irish Coffee and Whipped Cream

Lila Shaw - The Pole-dancer

Sandrine Lopez - On The Shelf

Margaret Bail - Cafe Reverie

Mat Twassel - Making Coffee

Shelly Sateen - The Forgotten Latte

Cassie Exline - Hot Cream Desire

Madeline Elayne - Coffee Goddess

SL Standish - Then He Was Gone

Zohra Saeed - Coffee Arabica

Kenn Dahll - Morning Aroma

There is still time to enter! Entries are due April 1st!
Click the contest banner on the left for the full details.

We will post all the entries after the deadline and readers will vote on their favorite. One vote per person. The winning author will win fabulous prizes!!

Question - what does this lst photo have to do with our blog and contest? :-)

Photos courtesy of Flickr.

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