Friday, March 26, 2010

Free read: Her Seduction

Morning all,

To celebrate Location, Location, Location having reached its 32nd week (7 months!) on All Romance eBooks' Best Selling (Top 10) Romantic Comedy List, here's a short story for you.


His hand lingering on the small of her back as he walked past her, smiling slightly and nodding as he continued walking towards the elevator.

The sigh that left her lips as she forgot what she was talking about, her thoughts scrambled by his small touch and the way he filled his jeans.

The tip of his fingers grazing hers as he handed her a glass.

The shudder that ran up her arm as she tried desperately not to show how such a simple touch had rattled her.

His piercing eyes locked on hers from afar. His smirk as he looked down and took his time perusing her body.

Her hands tightening into fists as she looked down too, trying in vain to break the hold he seemed to have over her.

His voice whispering in her right ear as the music pounded over their heads.

Her back arching as his breath hit her neck, an instinctive reaction that pressed her hips into sharp contact with his.

His heartfelt groan as she moved into him, letting him enjoy his first real feel of her.

Her feet inching forward as if to move away, aware they were suddenly too close for comfort.

His arms sliding around her waist and closing over her midriff, anchoring her into place.

The shocked gasp that lodged in her throat as he pulled her even closer against his hard body and murmured, “Stay.”

His left hand gliding over the soft skin of her arm, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

His right hand cupping her cheek and turning her face towards his.

Their gazes lost in each other’s.

Their ears deaf to the surrounding noises.

Their eyelids fluttering close.

Their lips touching for the first time in a simple sweet kiss.

A seduction…the beginning of a love story.

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Jenna Alexander said...

Awesome Emma!

Congrats on the success of Location, Location, Location - I've read it and loved it. It deserves that spot!