Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coffee Fueled Erotica – 1st Erotic Flash Fiction Contest

Make It Steam – Make Us Hot

Nothing perks you up better than a large, hot, and creamy cup of coffee … right? Well, we here at Coffee Fueled Erotica want to know just how much you love that stimulating beverage.

In no more than 500 words we want you to write us your hottest erotic scene, using coffee as your theme. Perhaps you meet a sexy stranger at a trendy coffee house. Maybe you invite a hot guy inside for a cup of coffee after a date.

Be creative! It’s your turn to be the author. Your scene can be whatever you want. Just remember, the word coffee must be used at least once.

Now, it should go without saying but …

The following will not be allowed:
• No bestiality
• No rape scenes
• No violence in the erotic scenes. Playful, controlled and mild bondage, domination, or S&M are acceptable, but no actual injury should be inflicted on any participant.
• No minors (children under the age of eighteen).

1. Fiction must include coffee in the theme and be no longer than 500 words.
2. One entry per person
3. You must be 18 or older to enter or vote.
4. Deadline is Midnight April 1st – EST (no foolin’)
5. Mail entries with your email address to:

coffeefuelederotica [at] gmail [dot]com

6. You may include a signature on your story listing one of your titles and blog or website.

Voting Process:
1. The authors of CFE will post the collected entries on April 2nd 2010
2. Each entry will be in a separate post
3. Readers will vote on their favorite entry via the comment section. You are free to vote for your own entry.
4. One vote per person please.
5. Anonymous votes will not count. You must be logged into your blogger profile to vote on winners.
6. Votes will be tabulated and the winner will be announced on The Happy Hump Day post, April 7th 2010.

Prizes: The CFE blog authors have made available copies of their ebooks to be awarded as prizes! Please review the books in the blog side bar.

1st prize: 3 CFE books from 3 different authors - winner to choose

2nd prize: 2 CFE books from 2 different authors - winner to choose

3rd prize: 1 CFE book from any of the CFE blog authors - winner to choose


Cassie Exline said...

Contest sounds awesome. I love heat. I love coffee. Let me go perk a bit so I can send steamy words your way.

Lou Riddell said...

I just wrote my first piece of erotic literature, and sent it your way. It was fun :)

Jenna Alexander said...

Thanks Cassie - Looking forward to your entry.

Lou - Got yours! :-)


femlycan said...

Arrgggh! I can't get my "coffee cup" submission down any further than 800 words. Crud and coffee grinds. I guess I better press some more out before coffee-break is over. LOL :D

Cassie Exline said...

Just sent off my contest entry and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee. Life is creamy.

Jenna Alexander said...

Areana - hopefully you can get your sexy story down to 500 words. If not, maybe you have a great novel in the works - don't stop. Keep it going!

Cassie - Life is creamy!! Thanks for the entry.

Sharon said...

Okay well here goes nothing may not be as hot as I would like it but damn this 500 words it harder then you think it is... I have never done this but here it goes... Cant wait to read all the enries....


femlycan said...

Okay, I submitted finally cut the extra words...Hope you guys enjoy it.
Areana/ femlycan

Jenna Alexander said...