Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coffee coffee coffee...

I read a little something today. A heartfelt, keening cry from the Book of Face. There is a very special someone out there among us who is fighting forces which are beyond my feeble comprehension. It’s a struggle which truly resonates with all of us here who write and read this Coffee-Fueled blog.

The battle?

NO CAFFEINE! Hence no COFFEE! By jingo, I just cannot imagine the strength this person is showing. I often travel along for 6-8 hours without a coffee, but all that time I know I could be drinking coffee.

If you’re reading this blog, very special someone, hang in there. I did a lot of reading about addiction as I prepared to write The Three-Day Hump. If you can make it past that particular hump, you are (supposedly), pretty much home and hosed.

To use the American vernacular, I’m rooting for you. Maybe you should start chewing your nails?

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