Friday, January 15, 2010

What I've read lately...

Hello everyone,

I've been reading a lot over the past few weeks, mostly paperback novels (Amazon is my friend!) but also some e-books, so I thought I'd share (in case you're looking for something to read!).

My favorite of the past month was Soulless by Gail Carriger. It's got pretty much everything: historical, paranormal, steampunk, thriller, comedy. I love the idea behind it all with its alternative history of 19th century Britain and thorougly recommend it!

I've also read the first two books in the Kate Holly Series by Charlotte Hughes (What Looks Like Crazy & Nutcase). If you don't already know, she's the partner-in-crime of Janet Evanovich and together they co-wrote the Full Series. They have similar styles in that they both write romantic comedies with screwball characters. However, I'm enjoying more than I would have expected the fact that the heroine is a psychologist. I know nothing about it, but some of the cases are well, odd, and downright riveting!

I'm also going through the Succubus Series by Richelle Mead faster than a speed-reading addict. I'm on Book 3 and I'm very curious about what's going to happen with Seth. Will they, won't they? Argh! I now realize I've read most of Richelle's books, including the latest Dark Swan which I really enjoyed (mostly because Dorian is so much hotter than Kyo...I mean, really!).

What else? Ah, yes, I also read Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt. I don't usually read BDSM stories, but this one intrigued me with its fashion world setting. And my, was it hot! Probably not the best thing to read on my commute, I must admit!

Oh, and The Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens, which was such a disappointment I won't even put up a link. It's as if she was writing according to guidelines: back story in the prologue disguised as a conversation between all four heros - check; intriguing heroine with complicated past - check; hero sees her and falls madly in lust - check; etc. etc. I think I'm officially giving up on Mrs Laurens's books from now on. What a shame. At least I'll still be able to reread her earlier works which are still in my To Be Reread Pile.

Happy reading!
Em, over and out

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