Saturday, January 23, 2010

See Me - FREE Read

You can now download a free story of mine from eXcessica.

Just click
HERE and follow the instructions to download.

Emma did the cover and I just love it.

Where did the idea for See Me come from you might ask? Well - this is a very short tidbit of a story I thought of about a year ago.

A beautiful, young student falls for her college instructor. She is taking summer courses to see if she likes a particular university. They get to know each other while hiding their relationship from his supervisors. If they are found out it could mean the end of his job. But that trouble is nothing compared to what will happen if it is revealed who she really is. It’s all a lie. Even the instructor doesn’t realize who he is falling in love with. For her to be really loved and love him back she will need to open up, reveal her secrets, and let him see her.

Of course the 1222 words are all I have written. The Queen of Starting Stories strikes again!


Anonymous said...

That is like a book cover, it seduces the reader!


Simon said...

the cover is a knock-out!! absolutely superb...