Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Saturday Review - Sexy Vampire Alert!

Happy Saturday!! The weather has been cold. The holidays are over. I am being lazy and enjoying catching up on my low key activities - like reading!

I recently read a short story by Tara Nichlos called A Pleasurable Cure for Death.

Author story blurb:

If Lydia had thought the news of her impending doom had thrown her for a loop, she was wrong, dead wrong. After Sebastian, the sexy male nurse who worked at her clinic, claimed to be a vampire, the doctor’s diagnosis that she had terminal brain cancer seemed almost acceptable. Now Sebastian was offering her another chance to live, or, something along those lines, she just had to die first.

Here's my review:

Since I've read one other title by Tara Nichols I was looking forward to reading this one as well. A Pleasurable Cure for Death starts out with a bang and throws the reader right into a page turning story.

I admire the way Tara makes the characters, Lydia and Sebastian, come to life by providing just the right amount of detail regarding body movements, expressions, and surroundings. It's great detail like this that pulls me into the story further.

I find her stories fun since she throws in a touch of humor and sarcasm. (Awakening the Blood has creepy critters that are hysterical!)

Of course there is fantastic erotic sex. Tara know how to write a steamy scene!

This short story gives the reader a perfect example of Ms. Nichols writing style. She pulls you in, gets you interested, makes you want to know more and more about the characters, and leaves you looking forward to her next title.

If you like erotic vampire stories (and who doesn't) I suggest you check out Tara's stories!!

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Secretia said...

I do like sexy vampire stories, I imagine the sucking of my blood to be intensely orgasmic...
But I want to tell him where to bite me!