Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty please, with a cherry on top

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

I'm stuck at home today with a cramp in my calf that just won't go away. I can't walk so I can't go to work. Mind you, between the 15cm of snow and minus zero temperatures (that would be, what, -4°F?), it's probably better to stay home. Apparently we broke a record this morning, it was that cold! We're in Paris, this isn't meant to be happening, people!
Anyhow, if anyone knows a cure to make a cramp go away, please let me know. It's been more than a day now, and it's driving me crazy!

Also, I wanted to say thank you to the lovely Shay (and JD) at the S Spot, who made my story the winner in their Sexy Short Story Contest. Now, I get to go toy shopping! Ohhh, toys. *winks*

Oh, and before I forget, thank you also to whoever nominated me and Location, Location, Location at the Preditors and Editors Poll! Voting ends on the 14th, and there are some very big names on there. There are also a lot I don't know, including publishers I'd never heard of before. Amazing how the genre is developing, isn't it?

Em, over and out


Secretia said...

Lots of stretching may help. Dehydration causes a lot of cramps, drink enough. Also massage. I hope it gets better fast.


Willsin Rowe said...

Bananas. That's what the cricketers eat when they're cramping. Apparently the potassium is good fer whut ails ya...

Willsin Rowe said...

Hey, I just read your story too, Emma. Very nice stuff. Great imagery throughout. I liked the pants "pooling" around his feet, for instance. Sweet.

Jenna Alexander said...

I hope you are better soon!

Good luck with the E & P stuff!!

Emma Hillman said...

I can walk!!! It only took me more than 48 hours, but's progress. It means I can actually go to work tomorrow. Oh joy!

Glad you enjoyed the story, Willsin!

As for the E & P stuff, 'Location Location Location' is #10 right now. How cool is that?