Friday, January 22, 2010

My turn!

I'm guessing it's my turn to give you something to read this week! Here's an excerpt from Behind Locked Doors - Book 2, which will be released on 8 February at eXcessica.

The BLD Series is set in a Harem, and is full of humor and sexy mischiefs...And a heroine who can't stop saying no to her Masters!


“Morning.” Blondy stared at me across the table. “What are you doing here? Where’s your Master?”
I frowned. I thought he was my Master? “He was on the interphone when I left.”
“With whom?”
“The short one.”
“Oh.” Blondy blinked. “Thursday, I don’t think you should say that one out loud anymore. I might find it funny but not everyone will.”
I shrugged. “I don’t care. I’m hungry and I want a cup of coffee and-”
“Hey Thursday. I saw you come in and I got you breakfast.”
I smiled at Cherie and murmured my thanks as she slid a tray in front of me. Pancakes dripping in syrup, a tall Latte and a fruit salad. “You’re a life savior!”
“Nah, I’m just nice like that.” She winked at me before bending down and dropping a quick kiss on my lips.
I looked in disbelief as she stood back up then did the same to our common Master. He smiled back at her, a glint in his eyes and a palm stopping dangerously close to her butt. What the hell?

She sauntered away and I blinked, taken aback by the sudden jealousy going through me. Blondy was staring at me however and I snapped, “What?”
He didn’t seem shocked by my outburst as he asked, “What happened last night?”
“After or before you traded me to Master whatever-his-name-is?”
“Thursday, you know you’re here for a reason,” he said reproachfully. “Did they hurt you?”
“Because you care?”
“Of course, I do!” His face was turning redder by the second.
I snorted. “Sure. And no, they didn’t hurt me. They just took whatever they wanted but you know all about that, right?”
“That’s not fair,” he replied after a silent pause, his voice low.
“Isn’t it? Because you think my being forced to stay here is fair?”
“I thought you were enjoying our hospitality,” Scary’s voice rang behind me, making me gasp.

A hand grabbed the top of the chair beside me, scraping it back with a loud noise. Scary settled himself and didn’t say anything else until he’d grabbed my mug of coffee and taken a sip.
I gritted my teeth but didn’t speak up. I knew there was no point anyway. All that is mine is yours, yada-yada-yada.
“Aren’t you, Thursday? Enjoying it, I mean?” Scary looked at me above the cup’s rim.
“No,” I hissed as I turned away from him and forked a piece of pancake. Taking my time, I began to chew, all the while feeling both their gazes on me. Shit, why had I thought coming here for breakfast was a good idea?
“Don’t lie, baby. Everyone’s heard your screams by now.”
“Shut up.” I glared at my plate.
“Don’t talk to me like that.” Fingers trapped my right hand underneath the tablecloth and squeezed. “Understood?”
I closed my eyes at the sudden pain. I hated him. I hated them. “Y-yes.”
“Good. Now, answer my question.”
“What question?” I could almost hear him go through our earlier conversation. I would have smirked except for his hand still tightened around mine.
“I asked if you were enjoying being with us all again.”
“Oh, you did? I can’t remember,” I said, pasting a fake smile on my face. I bit into the forgotten pancake, earning myself a few seconds of reprieve. Blondy was trying very hard not to laugh but the corners of his lips twitched.
“Yeah?” I turned towards Scary, taking another bite.
“Answer the fucking question!”
I frowned but still took my time chewing. “Well,” I finally said. “Let’s say…it depends who I’m with.”
Kevin let out a heavy sigh. “Never mind.”
Feeling inexplicably proud of myself, I started grinning. The smile didn’t even lessen when Blondy winked at me.

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That is going to be a good story.