Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is the third part of my lingerie-hawking trilogy. I hope you all enjoy it.


I swallowed the last of my appallingly non-alcoholic drink and grazed on the limp greenery that was all my skinny sister had supplied. I thought this party was for me. Where was the damn salsa?

Then I saw him enter the room and all thoughts of condiments left my head. Tall, broad-shouldered and regal, he strode straight in, flanked by some sweet-looking boys. A sudden tension rippled through the herd of bird-legged girls around me. I stood straight and tried to remember where I’d seen him before.

He had shoulder length, burnt-butter hair, but his close-cropped beard was darker and it framed his casual smile perfectly.

The girls around me began to shift from foot to foot, flicking their glossy manes skittishly under the predatory gaze of the new pack of hunters. My man nodded almost imperceptibly, and the three young pretty boys began circling us, nibbling at the weak and the young, which was all they were capable of bringing down.

The jockey-sized brunette beside me caught the eye of one, and he padded over and drew her away. The waif-like redhead was the next to go, swallowed up by a smooth and sugary youth. Within a minute all the bony young fillies had been chased away, leaving just me.

And him. His warm, hazel eyes took their time, dancing over every inch of me from across the room, then coming to rest when they met mine. I held his gaze, reading the hunger that shone out from his broad and handsome face.

He blew me a kiss, and it came to me in a flash. He was the guy from the jury. He was the reason I was here and not in jail. I’d seen it in his eyes. He knew. I wondered if he was brave enough to blackmail me. I twirled a blonde curl between my fingers and half-turned away from him, daring him to make his move.

He began to stalk across the room towards me.. He’d made it half way when a pretty young thing crossed his path, offering him strong drinks and fluttered eyelids. He smiled warmly at her as he pushed past, in search of something more substantial to sink those strong, white teeth into.

“Rori,” he growled, his strong hand coiling around my shoulder as his mouth cupped my name. His eyes dripped down my body like syrup as I turned to face him properly.

“Well,” I hummed. “You have me at a disadvantage, sir.”

He clasped my hand and raised it to his lips, planting a kiss which left just a tiny patch of moisture behind, as if he was taste-testing my skin. I began wondering what other skills that mouth of his had.

“My name’s Leo. I think you know me from somewhere.”

“I do. And I’m not sure we should be seen together.”

He glided forward, one hand curling around my back, the other dipping down to my hip and squeezing through the rich red leather of my skirt. Involuntarily I leaned my head to the side, baring my neck to him as my eyes fell closed. His hot mouth came to rest against my ear.

“Then let’s not be seen.”

My belly tensed. To be alone with him promised thrills, though whether they’d be delightful or dangerous remained to be seen. In the end, my belly surrendered to the insistent pulsing from above it…and below. “Meet me outside in five.”

I sidled through the sliding glass door and slipped stealthily from the house light’s grip. My brother-in-law’s green thumbs gave me the chance to play this out at my speed. I glided into the tall shrubs at the back of the yard and made some preparations for the hunt to come.

When I found my place, I kept my eye on the back door. A sudden movement from the side of the house caught my eye, and then his mane of burnt butter hair emerged from the darkness. He was good. I hadn’t anticipated him taking the long way around.

I flinched as he sucked a staccato burst of breaths in through his majestic nose. My shoulders quivered as he unerringly followed the scent of me along the circuitous path I’d taken.

He froze as he found my clothes hanging from the branches of a bush. The cool breeze had buffeted my empty blouse and the movement caught his hunter’s eye. A low growl thundered through his barrel chest, and though his face was in darkness I knew his teeth were bared.

There was nothing between us now but darkness and secrets. I doubted that he’d seen me, so I stopped still as shadows frolicked across my body, allowing my zebra-print corset to blend perfectly with its surroundings.

Then his tall, strong body flowed towards me. The wind picked up a little and the sibilant chatter of the leaves masked the sound of his footfalls. And my knees.

The moonlight flashed on his face for only a shaved second before the darkness and foliage swallowed him.

I suddenly felt exposed. Vulnerable. A tremor rippled through my ample body as I strained my ears, trying to locate him without the aid of sight. I squeezed my knees together and wrapped my arms around my belly, as if I could make myself a smaller target.

Then I felt the heat of his body behind me. My bare arms relaxed to the touch of his large, strong hands. My head fell forward as his teeth found the meat of my shoulder. His moan reverberated through me.

In the darkness he couldn’t see the satisfied smile on my face. Now I knew that whatever he had on me would forever be subjugated by the power of his desire for me.

In that one moment, predator had become prey.


Secretia said...

You did a great job on that story, and the last line was the best!

Willsin Rowe said...

Thanks again, Secretia.

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Another great "quickie" Willsin!