Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interesting stories!

I've never been a great reviewer, but when I find an interesting story I just have to share it.

So, last week I asked you for some suggestions as it was a rainy, gloomy time. Perfect for reading.

Off to the bookstore I went and happened across a wonderful used book called,

The Hunter's Prey.
By Diane Whiteside

I purchased the copy, used, and ran home (okay, I drove) to start reading.

This is a multi-story book following three select, and very sexy vampires, in Texas. Each story is written in a sort of diary style; told in letters and journal entries. They short enough for a nice quicky read, and also unique enough to keep you going.

My favorite of them is Sweet Punishment, and as the name implies, is a tale of sexy punishment. That story alone was worth a reread. LoL.

The book is a wonderful collection of erotic tales and an awesome find. The copyright on this book is 2006 so it's not a new release. Just another reason to go shopping at places other than the big box stores.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. I like sexy vampires.