Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi - did everyone notice my new book off to the left? Geek Love is now available through Smashwords.

Emma - the lovely, talented Emma did the cover. I love it.


Yep I’ve been stressed. (not grumpy, Willsin, stressed)

The massages are working well but I think I discovered another key to my inability to relax. My fantasizing has turned into work.

Let me explain…

I’ve only been writing erotica for a year or so. Up until then all of my saucy stories remained in my head. In fact, they were a relaxation method that I used.

Now, stop what you’re thinking right now. Not that kind of fantasizing and relaxing. *ahem*

I love to create stories, fantasies, new worlds, experiences and roll them around in my brain. They can be as crazy and far fetched as I want them to be. I can create love, lust, sadness, riches, adventure, etc… This is a wonderful way to escape the real world and relax. I’m sure we all do it.

The problem now is, I come up with a wonderful scenario, beautiful castle, sexy vampire, office love affair - or whatever - and try to dream away my stress. And Poof - all of a sudden I am thinking about: what point of view should I write it in, scene transition ideas, character names that haven’t been overdone, etc… All sorts of crazy crap like: I don’t know anything about Scotland! I can’t have this story be set in Scotland!

And it ruins my story and relaxation.

UGH - give me back my fantasies please!!


Secretia said...

You still are able to write a great story!

Willsin Rowe said...

It's a curse, Jenna, but a pleasant and positive one nonetheless. Half-asleep is one of the most creative states of being, I find. Now if the kids would just let us stay half-asleep, rather than sleep-deprived...

Willsin Rowe said...

Oh, and I'm a dolt. Great cover, Emma. I was looking at the composition, and it was only third time through that I noticed the highlighted keys. Cool...

Emma Hillman said...

I do the same, Jenna. I go to sleep thinking about fantasies, and sometimes it keeps me awake because I actually 'write' the story in my head. I didn't sleep for three nights, because of one damn story that didn't want to let go!

Willsin - Glad you like the cover art. I liked the 'bling'!