Thursday, December 10, 2009

What does your family think?

I've been asked by many people, "Does your family know you write this?"

It seems that writing erotica is a bit of a taboo. Not that I've ever seen anything wrong with it. It is writing. It is creative. It is art.

So it deals with people having sex. That's part of what makes it fun to write.

Ok, I will admit, I did have a slight bit of nervousness when I told my parents and siblings. They can be quite judgmental. But (and there is always a butt =p )their reaction for good or worse was not going to change my mind about what I write. It was more of a courtesy to them, in case I do ever get published. I wanted good old Dad to be prepared if he ever picked up a book with a half naked man on the cover and his Daughters name below the title.

Thankfully, they were supportive. They were proud I was using my creative talent to do something I like. They've even read a few things I have written. Surprise, Surprise!

I know not all families would approve. I'm still a little shocked mine did. Some might look at it as writing porn for the reading crowd. Some might shun and disown.

So I wonder, how did your family react? Do they know? Are they proud of you? Or, have you just avoided telling them for fear of their reaction?


Emma Hillman said...

My husband knows what I write and is very proud. He's probably even sneaked a peek or two at the manuscripts lying around on our home computers *grins*

My parents know but they don't know the genre. Well, probably my mom knows but she's not saying anything. Although she's very proud and acts like an agent (eg. have you written this week? how's that manuscript coming along? did you hear back from your publisher? LOL).

Some of my colleagues know and one of them even read 'Location, Location, Location'. Apparently, she really enjoyed it. What amused me however was her reaction. Her first question was: "Does your husband know what you write?", then "Wow, he must be one happy man" *smirks*, and finally, "Don't ever, ever, let your mother read it!".

Secretia said...

They know my personality and they allow me my space as I allow them into my world.

Willsin Rowe said...

My wife knows and is very supportive. My workmates know, and chuckle. I know I've told my parents, but I don't see either of them very much and I'm not sure they remember.

Aeon's Angel said...

My husband(Aeon) is well aware and as I have mentioned on the blog my younger sister helped me put the blog together.

However, a few weeks ago my laptop was in the shop and I was using Aeon's. Not thinking I left my blog open while I went to shower. My mother showed up and let her self in. As she sat down the screen went into sleep mode so she jiggled the mouse and got a surprise. At first she was shocked. Now unfortunately she sends me links to contests for "erotic fiction". I have to say I much preffered her shocked.

Jenna Alexander said...

As of now only my husband knows I write erotica. I am a bit too nervous to tell the rest of my family (seven brothers and sisters)

Hubby is very supportive.

I also write sweet romance and other mainstream things so those are the titles I tell the rest of the world about.

Maybe one day I'll come out to everyone.