Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Stories

With Christmas Day behind us and New Years three days away, the air is still filled with holiday cheer.  We had snow here in the midwest USA, which made driving a dangerous risk, and even just taking out the dogs a messy experience.  

I've read a few romance stories about being snowbound for the holidays. It's a fun way to get two unwilling characters in the same place at the same time and give them time to overcome their love-blocking mindsets.  In a true situation, the elements probably wouldn't change much, but in romantic fiction, anything's possible.

Life, even fictional life, in the parts of the world where winter gets harsh, can always be interrupted by a blizzard or a major snowfall.  In 'Snowbound' by M.G. Braden, a young woman with an inferiority complex named Cassidy goes on a ski trip with a jerk named Rick.  He leaves her at the ski resort by herself.  Enter the hero - a guy named Daniel, who's still trying to recover from the death of a former girlfriend.  Things heat up for Daniel and Cassidy, making it a wonderful romantic tale.

Another wonderful Snowbound book is a Harlequin Romance written by a woman who shares my last name, 'Snowbound Bride-to-Be' by Cara Colter.  It's a Christmas story about a woman who owns a hotel and a man with a beautiful baby daughter.  It's a story I found mesmerizing.  I gave this book to my daughter as a Christmas present.  She hasn't read it, yet, but the fact that the author has her last name made her interested enough to put it at the top of the 'to read' stack.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Enjoy the season, stay well and wear boots and a cap if there's snow where you live.

Happy Holidays!

Credits: Snowbound by M.G. Braden
Snowbound Bride-to-Be by Cara Colter

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Anonymous said...

That sounds good, Snowbound Bride-to-Be. I like that kind of story. There are some pretty good snow-themed horror stories out there too.