Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have been feverishly searching my iPhone for various apps. I need one for cleaning the house, making dinner, and addressing Christmas cards.

Hmmm these don’t seem to exist.

While my blogging buddies here on CFE have been creating great posts this little kitty pic is all I could come up with for my scheduled day.

Wait a minute. Perhaps I can make an intelligent post out of these rambling thoughts.

Do you ever find yourself needing a reset button? Things have gotten crazy, out of hand, your too far down a lane you should not be traveling, etc. You find yourself sitting at your desk with papers piled up to your eyeballs. There is so much to do and items left undone that you simply do not know where to start. My mom used to call it 'slap happy' - your brain has turned to mush. Nothing more will get done unless you do something about it.


That’s what I do. I take a mental break and try to clear my head.

Here are some of the ways I reset:

1. Go for a five minute walk outside.
2. Visit LOLcats
3. Eat a candy bar (duh, chocolate solves everything!)
4. Put the earbuds in and listen to a great song on max volume. This works well when I also close my eyes or listen while on my walk.

How about you? What do you use for your RESET button?


Willsin Rowe said...

At work, I reset with a cup of coffee or by doing one of about a hundred things to annoy the people around me. I recently realised that I can pitch my voice higher than anyone I know (except my 6-year-old son). So I talk really loudly in an incredibly high voice. That NEVER gets old!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

YouTube is my reset button. LoL. Though I do waste too much time there.