Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Props to my peeps...

I recently had a was a nocturnal one, actually (because I'm in Australia and the release was in the US)...

I'm talking, of course, about my e-book, The Three Day Hump. I was very pleased, since it had been more than two years since I'd last had one to speak. This is all, however, a preamble to the actual blog.

At the back of my e-book there was a promo for another e-book, "Go Ahead and Try" by our very own Jenna Alexander, she of the seductively-clad-butt icon. I read the promo and stroked myself thoughtfully. On the chin, people! Come on! Keep your minds above the navel! Mmm...boobies...uh, where was I?

Anyhoo, after stroking my fuzzy little patch of hair (it's a goatee, people...sheesh) I thunk to myself that I'd love to read that story. Well, my desire became reality in the last week and I was mightily impressed. So much so that, for my blog this week, I would like to proffer the following review...


This story opens with the pop and fizz of a dropped can of soda, and though it’s a relatively short story, it’s a long, slow burn. This is because Ms. Alexander sets the scene for us beautifully and brings together the combatants quickly.

Combatants, you ask? I can think of no better word to describe Troy and Sandy in this story. Verbal thrust meets emotional parry at every turn, the armor of anger versus weapons of mass seduction.

Sandy is that most frightening of creatures, a woman far too aware of her sexual potency - stunning and cunning. It’s her sense of entitlement that fuels this story, but it’s Troy who unwittingly sparks the action when he dismisses her charms. The battle which ensues is like an allegory for the history of the mating ritual.

I was drawn into this story immediately by the choice pieces of back story, but what held me there to the finish was the voice in my head, cheering for Troy, booing at Sandy...and secretly inviting her to do her worst with me, too.

A very sexy read.


Well done, Jenna. I hope this book is as successful as it deserves to be.


Anonymous said...

I read it, Jenna wrote a very good story!


Rozlyn Sparks said...

Great review Willsin. And Yes, that is a fun little story. Good job Jenna!

Jenna Alexander said...

Willsin - I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. As I created Sandy I tried to think of every possible thing she could do to push Troy's buttons. Women like this story but I've found that men particularly love it.

Thanks again for giving this story such a fantastic review!

Secretia and Roz - thanks for reading. I'm glad you two liked it as well.

Maybe in my blog post this Saturday I'll explain where the one square inch challenge originated from and a bit about the research I had to do for this one.

*ahem - cough cough*

The things we do for our hobbies.


Sarah Levin Colter said...

Awesome blog, Willsin! I can't wait to read both your e-book and Jenna's! :) Hugs all around!